Jeremiah Weed Urges Evan Williams to Stop the Politics of Product Destruction : Jeremiah Weed Calls Evan Williams Statements "A Shame"; Pledges Allegiance to Citizens of Kentucky Prior to Presidential Primary Election

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In a blog statement early today, "The Legend" Jeremiah Weed, patron father of "The People's Bourbon,"

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It is a shame that Evan Williams continues to play loose with the facts and has resorted to the politics of product destruction

"Saying it is insulting to drink Jeremiah Weed is a deep and personal attack on the citizens of Kentucky, and for that matter all adult Americans who have a sophisticated palate. And, using the politics of product destruction to offer a lame defense of a blatant political grab - where what Evan Williams Bourbon was really up to was a secret attempt to influence the political process - is just unseemly," Jeremiah Weed said on his eponymous blog, Mr. Jeremiah Weed Speaks.

In the midst of heated campaigning by Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton ahead of Kentucky's Presidential primary election and the highly-publicized "primary poll" at (a poll asking citizens which bourbon the Presidential candidates should sip when visiting the state), Evan Williams Bourbon leveled one of the most vicious political charges in recent memory by calling to question Mr. Weed's actual existence - a claim Mr. Weed called "ridiculous" on his blog site.

The back-and-forth between the two parties began after Evan Williams Bourbon pushed a ploy attempting to win favor with candidates Obama and Clinton by sending them bottles of Evan Williams bourbon in the hope that they would sip their bourbon drink while campaigning in Kentucky. The gesture came after Senator Clinton chose to drink a whisky other than Evan Williams while campaigning in Indiana. Mr. Weed criticized the move at the time on his blog, calling it a "political ploy," and asserting that it "undermined the political process."

In their most recent rebuttal, Evan Williams tried to deflect the issue by implying that Mr. Weed may have also sent bottles of Jeremiah Weed Bourbon Liqueur to the candidates.

"It is a shame that Evan Williams continues to play loose with the facts and has resorted to the politics of product destruction," Mr. Weed stated. "It is true that in the past I have sent bottles of Jeremiah Weed Bourbon Liqueur to some of this nation's great patriots, including to the campaigns of Senators Obama and Clinton. However, these gifts are simply sent as gestures of appreciation, never in response to a political candidate sipping a competing product - and never in an attempt to influence the democratic process. Shame. Shame on Evan Williams Bourbon."

Mr. Weed continued, "I have always stood tall and proud with the people of Kentucky and people all over North America and will continue to do so in the midst of controversy. I have assured the fine citizens here that democracy will prevail and that the people will ultimately decide the right thing," citing the bourbon poll at "We at Jeremiah Weed Bourbon Liqueur are humble about being the best, and I'm confident the good people of Kentucky and quite frankly all over the world will confirm that."

Inexplicably, Evan Williams Bourbon has also attempted to cloud the British origins of its own sister brand, Burnett's Gin. According to the Evan Williams Bourbon website, "Burnett's Gin, a true London Dry Gin, was first made in England over 200 years ago."

Making note of Evan Williams Bourbon's continuing efforts to call other brands' heritage into question, Mr. Weed observed that he "can trace my roots way back to Great Britain, even before the folks at Evan Williams Bourbon can. Sadly, it's a mystery why Evan Williams Bourbon would want to hide the British origins of one of its sister products. In today's world of globalization, even where I live, in the hollows of Eastern Kentucky, we use products made all over the world and brought to us by hard-working Americans."

"This all started with the campaign between Senators Obama and Clinton, which will be played out next Tuesday through The Bluegrass State. I just hope everyone at Evan Williams Bourbon will take a deep breath - put the citizens of Kentucky first and leave the politics of product destruction behind," Mr. Weed said.

About Jeremiah Weed Bourbon Liqueur:

Jeremiah Weed is a 100-proof bourbon liqueur brewed in Kentucky. People have characterized its flavor is relatively strong and somewhat sweet. Jeremiah Weed has earned notoriety and has become a favorite drink of the American fighter pilot, especially in the United States Air Force as well as horseback, fishing and hunting enthusiasts. You can learn more about Jeremiah Weed at and at Mr. Jeremiah Weed Speaks.

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