EvictionRecords.com Outlines and Identifies 3 Reasons to do Tenant Screening – Protect, Protect and Protect

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EvictionRecords.com spells out to landlords and apartment management company’s three important fronts to protect when tenant screening

The number of individuals who rent apartments, condominiums and single family homes continues to rise as the country slowly emerges from the Great Recession. Now, more than ever, is the time to conduct a thorough Tenant Screening.

A background check can provide protection from potentially risky tenants. The cost of a single bad tenant can be enormous, if one only considers the cost of eviction. Once a tenant occupies a residence it is a costly and time consuming process to get them out. But there are additional risks a property manager or landlord must consider. Fortunately, tenant screening is a viable and transparent activity that reduces the degree of risk one assumes when renting a property.

1. Protect Your Property
Malignant tenants may treat property with little respect or care. Expensive appliances could be damaged; carpet destroyed; fixtures vandalized: The list is extensive. The replacement or repair of a single appliance such as a dish washer or refrigerator is significant.

2. Protect Your Current Residents
Long-term renters take great care of the property they live in and provide protection for that asset. One bad tenant could potentially drive away these valued renters. It is the responsibility of the landlord to provide a continued safe environment for existing residents by checking the background of any new renters.

3. Protect Your Reputation
Landlords want to attract the most viable, long-term renters possible. If a property has a reputation for high turnover, the ability of a landlord to attract these tenants is reduced. The last thing a landlord wants is empty units. If a property has a reputation for allowing disruptive and destructive tenants, that property will be increasingly difficult to fill.

Tenant screening is a fast and simple process. Results are provided quickly, online and in an easy-to-read format. Landlords and property managers may feel that a tenant check is an unreasonable cost. However, if one considers the potential loss of property, current income from long-term residents and reputation, besides the possible cost of eviction, a tenant background check is a small price to pay.

When conducting a tenant check one should consider the various reports available.

Identity Verification

  •     Validates Social Security Number
  •     Shows the Name of the Person the SSN was issued to along with any AKAs
  •     Shows the US State the SSN was issued in along with the date issued
  •     Verifies date of a birth but only if on file
  •     Returns all addresses connected to the SSN

A Social Security Number Identity Verification is an invaluable tool. It serves as a starting point for any background check. For a landlord it will provide the information listed above but also counties of residence. Understanding counties of resident will indicate where criminal records should be checked. It may also indicate a pattern of transiency.

County Criminal Records Search

  •     This search is the most up-to-date criminal conviction data available.

National Criminal Records Search

  •     Provides information regarding background records outside an area of residence as well as a broad range of potential criminal activity.
  •     May provide information on "white-collar" crime.

National Eviction Records Search

  •     Provides landlord & tenant court filings, possession judgments, and monetary judgments.

National Sex Offender Background Check

  •     Provides high-risk offenders and persons who have been convicted of, found guilty of or plead guilty to committing or attempting to commit sexual offenses.

Taken as a whole, these reports will provide invaluable information to a landlord or property manager. A thorough understanding of an individual's past greatly assists in the decision making process as well as creating a secure rental environment. The proper vetting of a potential tenant is essential to creating a harmonious and profitable environment.

For fast, affordable and thorough tenant checks go to http://www.EvictionRecords.com.

About EvictionRecords.com
EvictionRecords.com is a United States tenant screening solution for landlords and apartment management companies. Its tenant checks include criminal background checks, eviction record checks, sex offender checks, federal court record searches and identity verification tools. All transactions are conducted online and most background search results are returned to customers instantly.

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