The Ultimate Last Minute Gift Idea for the Discriminating Coffee Drinker: First Time Available in U.S. - Rare & Exotic Coffees from Blacksmith Coffee Roastery

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Artisan coffee roaster offering limited quantities of the world’s rarest coffees, never before available in the U.S.

Blacksmith Coffee Roastery's Distinctive Collection of the World's Rarest Coffees

These are the rarest coffees on earth.

Christmas shoppers searching for that special, one-of-a-kind, last-minute gift, may be thrilled to find exactly what they’re looking for from a cottage coffee roastery in a small Kansas town known as ‘Little Sweden, USA.” Especially if the gift recipient is a coffee enthusiast.

“Many varieties in our ‘Distinctive Collection’ have never been available before in the United States”, shares purveyor, Mark Galloway, who along with his wife, Nancy, hand roast and package each batch before shipping same day to discriminating customers throughout North America.

Exotic sounding locations like New Caledonia, the Kingdom of Tonga, and St. Helena are more likely heard in a National Geographic Special than a product listing for consumer products. “These countries aren’t known to export......well, anything”, said Galloway. “One thing they do produce in extremely limited quantities, is ‘mind blowing’ coffee”.

As affluent consumers seek more unique taste experiences in regards to other culinary items, so are they seeking new tastes from interesting and exotic coffee origins. Mark conveys, “In many respects exotic coffees have more in common with fine wine or gourmet chocolate than they do with the bag of coffee you might find at your corner grocery.”

Mark relates that one thing separating Distinctive Collection coffees from more commonly available varieties is the intriguing story that goes with them. “Our Abyssinia Lake Tana Monastery coffee is grown by Ethiopian Orthodox monks on islands where coffee has been grown since 1250 A.D. at the dawn of coffee cultivation. One of these islands is the location of a heavily guarded cave that is reputed to be the storage location of the Ark of the Covenant.”

“New Caledonia’s Ida-Marc Pointu Bourbon is a very rare varietal of arabica coffee known as ‘Laurina’, whose most distinguishing feature (besides tasting delicious) is that it naturally contains 53% of the caffeine of other arabica varieties. Each of these Distinctive Collection coffees have amazing stories like this!” Nancy adds.

Blacksmith Coffee Roastery is passionate about exotic coffees and is proud to be offering the most comprehensive selection of rare varieties ever available to American coffee enthusiasts. “Some of these coffees have never been offered here (U.S.) before. It’s exciting and rewarding to help our discriminating customers enjoy a new experience with what we call ‘story coffees’.

So, does a $65/8oz bag of St. Helena taste better than your average bag of coffee shop coffee? “The unique climate of St. Helena is unlike any other coffee growing location on earth”, relates Mark. “As a result, they produce what many industry insiders consider to be the absolute Crown Jewel of all coffees. It is marvelous and tastes as perfect as you would imagine! The one thing that sets exotic apart from other coffees is that they produce a panoply of flavors unlike anything you’ve ever tasted!"

The question as to whether the high prices are justifiable is up to the consumer. But Blacksmith Coffee Roastery has found that for its loyal clientele, the taste experience is worth the price, with many “best coffee ever” accolades for various exotic coffees. “Even when the customer is not as fond of a given origin as another, customers relate that they are just glad to have the opportunity to try these different coffees. These are the rarest coffees on earth. Though everyone’s palate is different, and not every exotic coffee is universally loved all who try it, everyone appreciates the love and care that the growers put into these coffees” says Nancy. “The producers of these exotic coffees are meticulous about the way they are growing coffee, the way they are treating the land, and the way they are carrying for their people. We believe that love and commitment to excellence is reflected in what you taste in your cup.”

Blacksmith Coffee Roastery is located in the historic Holmberg and Johnson Blacksmith & Wagonshop in Lindsorg, Kansas. Their motto - “Exquisite Coffee - Artisan Forged” keeps with the blacksmith theme. Distinctive Collection coffees and other specialty coffees are available online via their website at or at their brick and mortar location.

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