Top Refractive Eye Surgeons Listed in Trusted LASIK Surgeons Directory Make Solid Showing at Annual Alcon Symposium

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Doctors Stephen Brint, Daniel Durrie, Shachar Tauber, Stephen Slade, R. Wayne Bowman, William Whitson, James Salz, Ronald Krueger, Jason Stahl, Karl Stoneciper, Brock Magruder, and Richard Braunstein, attended the recent Alcon Symposium in Dallas, Texas, which featured the Allegretto Wave excimer laser system used for LASIK eye surgery. All of these LASIK eye surgeons and refractive experts are listed in the Trusted LASIK Surgeons Directory, a consumer resource that screens LASIK surgeons based on experience, professional accomplishments, and patient care. Seven of these LASIK eye surgery experts made presentations or participated in panels discussing the latest advances in laser vision and refractive eye surgery procedures.

LASIK is a very good option for some older patients, especially those that have had prior eye surgery that resulted in an unexpected or undesirable refractive error. Some of my happiest and most satisfied patients were told elsewhere there was nothing that could be done to help them. I performed LASIK on one or both eyes and corrected issues that they thought were lost causes.

Trusted LASIK Surgeons is pleased to announce the successful participation of several leading refractive eye surgeons listed in its Trusted LASIK Surgeons Directory at the recent Alcon Symposium in Dallas, Texas. The Alcon Symposium is an annual meeting for refractive surgeons using the Allegretto Wave excimer laser system used for LASIK and other laser vision correction surgery. The Alcon Symposium highlighted practical tips for using the Allegretto Wave excimer laser, latest results, data collection, and future research applications which will be the subject of FDA clinical studies to approve uses of the laser. In all, 12 highly qualified LASIK and refractive eye experts listed in the Trusted LASIK Surgeons directory attended this meeting, of which 7 surgeons made presentations to their peers on a variety of topics.

Dr. Stephen Brint, in New Orleans of Brint Custom Vision, lectured about "Neuro Tracking", which helps the patient keep their eye steady during the laser treatment, which in turn reduces rotation of the eye and improves the accuracy of treating astigmatism and performing Custom LASIK. According to Dr. Brint, "this feature is only available on the Allegretto and gives our patients even better results and less anxiety by preventing unintentional rotation of the their eyes during laser treatment"

LASIK eye surgeon Daniel Durrie, M.D., located in Kansas City, MO discussed future applications of laser technology which may become the subject of FDA studies. Shachar Tauber in Springfield, Missouri, a refractive eye expert at St. John's Clinic- Eye Specialists noted that "the meeting truly illuminated the wonderful future opportunities to use TopoLink, topography guided LASIK, for select patients. Dr. Durrie also provided practical tips for using the system in the session on "Real Time Pearls." According to Dr. Durrie, "It's very important for surgeons to stay involved with research and stay on top of the current trends in refractive surgery both from the scientific perspective as well as what trends consumers are driving. Patients expect excellent outcomes, and we can continue to improve techniques and technology by listening to the patients, examining the science and working towards advancements in technology."

Dr. Stephen Slade, in Houston, TX of Slade & Baker Vision Center was a course director and co-moderated the meeting. Dr. Slade also provided an update on Femtosecond Laser Technology and led the session on "Real Time Pearls." Dr. Slade indicated that "a user meeting is one of the very best ways for surgeons to share information and the state of the art. I was pleased this meeting had so many of members of the Trusted LASIK Surgeons directory on the podium leading the group."

In the section "How Do I Treat Challenging Cases", Dr. R. Wayne Bowman, in Dallas, Texas, a refractive eye specialist and faculty member of the Laser Center for Vision Care at UT Southwestern Medical Center gave tips on workup and treatment on LASIK in older patients. Dr. William Whitson, in Indianapolis, Indiana of Whitson Vision, noted that "LASIK is a very good option for some older patients, especially those that have had prior eye surgery that resulted in an unexpected or undesirable refractive error. Some of my happiest and most satisfied patients were told elsewhere there was nothing that could be done to help them. I performed LASIK on one or both eyes and corrected issues that they thought were lost causes."

LASIK and refractive expert Dr. James J. Salz of Los Angeles, CA made a presentation concerning wave-front guided treatment results on patients with unusually large night time pupils, all greater than 9.0 mm. Dr. Ronald Krueger in Cleveland, OH, a vision correction expert and Professor of Ophthalmology at the Cole Eye Institute of the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, commented that "although the risk of night vision symptoms is perceived to be greater in patients who receive laser vision correction with large pupils at night, the biggest risk factor is really the magnitude and profile of the laser treatment itself. The use of wavefront-guided treatments and/or optimized treatments significantly reduce the postoperative induction of spherical aberration, most responsible for night vision symptoms. Therefore, when adequately informed, those individuals with large night time pupils can receive satisfactory vision correction with either a customized or optimized laser ablation profile."

Jason Stahl, M.D. of Durrie Vision in Overland Park, Kansas updated refractive eye surgeons on the Alcon Anterior chamber lens for correction of high myopia, now approved in Europe and under FDA study in the United States. "The research and experience outside of the United States is very impressive and compelling. This Alcon Phakic lens has great potential for the correction of high myopia." "I am also an investigator for the Alcon Phakic implant and I share Dr. Stahl's enthusiasm for this approach to the correction of high myopia which is currently under FDA study," added Dr. Salz.

In his lecture in the section of "How Do I Collect Data", Dr. Karl Stonecipher in Greensboro, NC of TLC Vision, discussed the use of the data link program, an internet program sponsored by Alcon for all Allegretto laser users. LASIK specialist Brock Magruder M.D., in Orlando, FL, of LaserVue Lasik Center commented that "the precision of the Allegretto laser is optimized with the use of a personalized, constantly updated nomogram for each surgeon."

Dr. Bowman summed up his impression of the Allegretto Laser: "Our goal has always been to have a comprehensive refractive practice with cutting edge technology, so adding the new Allegretto Wavelight 400 was a 'no brainer'. Both my colleague Dr. James McCulley (Chairman of the Department of Ophthalmology at UT Southwestern Medical Center) and myself have been amazed since we first began treatments, and we left this meeting even more impressed by the incredible precision, versatility, and future of the Allegretto. The tips and tools derived from this meeting should enable us to even more effectively transfer the amazing potential of the Allegretto to our patients. Simply put, we are energized and excited both for the now and the future of refractive surgery."

Dr. Richard Braunstein, in New York City, Chief of the Division of Refractive Surgery at Columbia University in New York is in the process of adding a Wavelight Allegretto Wave excimer laser to his department's laser center. Dr. Braunstein, in summarizing the Alcon Symposium, stated that "the quality of the academic presentations by current laser surgeons and data presented demonstrated the advanced technology and superb clinical outcomes achievable with wavefront optimized treatment using this excimer laser system."

"The recent Alcon Wavelight Users Group meeting was one of those rare moments where surgeons are allowed to interact in an information gathering mode which is designed to benefit patients and their outcomes. I believe Seneca said it best, 'Even while men teach they learn,'" concluded Dr. Stonecipher.

The refractive eye surgeons listed and profiled in the Trusted LASIK Surgeons Directory are among the most highly qualified LASIK eye and refractive surgeons in the United States, many of whom are among the true pioneers in vision correction surgery. These eye doctors typically offer complete eyecare and comprehensive vision correction-- not just LASIK, but other procedures such as lens implants, phakic implants, and conductive keratoplasty.

To find out why you should consider a LASIK eye surgery expert from the Trusted LASIK Surgeons Directory, please review the screening process and standards used by Trusted LASIK Surgeons at How Are LASIK Eye Surgeons Qualified at Trusted LASIK Surgeons?

To find a highly accomplished total vision correction care specialist who is laser and refractive eye surgeon expert in your local area and one has also been qualified and listed in the Trusted LASIK Surgeons directory, please visit the Trusted LASIK Surgeons Directory.

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