Express Success LLC Reveals Three Hidden Saboteurs to Succeeding with New Year's Resolution to Diet

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Express Success LLC Founder and Licensed Spiritual Healer and Coach, Dr. Joy S. Pedersen reveals three hidden saboteurs that can negatively affect someone's desire to successfully lose weight.

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Dr. Joy S. Pedersen

Successful weight loss is attained so much easier when the subconscious blocks have been removed.

Express Success LLC Founder, Dr. Joy S. Pedersen, Licensed Spiritual Healer and Certified Spiritual Health Coach, reveals three hidden saboteurs to succeeding with New Year's resolution to diet.

It's relatively easy to come up with resolutions for the new year. It is another to keep them. The gyms are full, diets are started and projects began. There is implementation of any number of resolutions. Once that initial excitement and steps taken, something happens that begins to sabotage results.

As dieting is one of the top new year's resolutions, there are several considerations to keep in mind that may need to be overcome before being successful on a diet.

The subconscious, as your memory bank and computer, may have programming that does not support the results you desire. Negative memories creep in when triggered by a situation that reminds the subconscious of a previous experience that did not go well.

The following three scenarios are not unusual discoveries sabotaging someone's preferences to slim down.

  • Negative memories from past lives frequently sabotage results. When someone has experienced something negative in a past life that they are reminded of, the memory is activated and the subconscious begins to live out of that memory. For example, if someone died of starvation in another life, but consciously commits to a diet but has a past life experience of starvation, it won't support a diet for long out of fear of starving again.

*A positive memory may also sabotage results. If someone has memory of a time when society supported and acknowledged heavier people as desirable because it signified wealth, it could be felt as cross purposes. The subconscious prefers more weight while the conscious prefers to be thin. When the subconscious and conscious are not in alignment, making headway with what you consciously desire is challenging.

*Ancestral programming can be another culprit. If a woman, for example, came from a family that preferred heavier women because of a belief they made better wives and mothers, there may be internal conflict if they had a desire to be thin but also a desirable wife and mother.

The mind and memories are complex. In her work as a licensed spiritual healer, Dr. Joy S. Pedersen intuitively identifies and clears the subconscious blocks her clients have to achieving their desired results. During sessions with her clients, Pedersen will see past lives, ancestral programming and limiting beliefs that are sabotaging what they prefer.

"Because the average person often doesn't recognize what the subconscious believes or the memories it holds, I see people struggle to achieve what they want not realizing it is something they don't really want. They don't realize the cause of the conflict within. When we can clear those negative memories, struggle is also cleared and the results achieved more easily." says Pedersen.

When the cause of the negative or sabotaging memory is released, the person makes more supportive choices naturally and clients achieve what they desire more easily. Spiritual healing can release and clear the negative memory and cause of the blocks that sabotage successful outcomes.

Dr. Joy S. Pedersen works privately and in groups primarily over the phone identifying and and clearing the cause of people's subconscious challenges so they get even better results with their experiences and goals.

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