Consumer-Direct Extended Auto Warranty Companies Help Car Owners Save Money

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By purchasing an extended auto warranty from a consumer-direct warranty company, car owners can save big money while protecting one of their most valuable investments.

An extended auto warranty is a smart purchase that helps consumers save money. Although it may seem convenient to buy an extended auto warranty from a car dealer, consumers can buy warranties at significant savings directly from a warranty company.

An extended auto warranty kicks in once the manufacturer warranty ends, extending its benefits for a longer period of time. This extension is cost-effective for car owners: the industry average number of problems per 100 vehicles is 237. Jeep has an even higher average of 289 problems per 100 vehicles. This means that owners of every make of car face potentially expensive repairs once their initial auto warranty runs out. “Manufacturer coverage lapses over time,” notes Continental Warranty, a consumer-direct warranty company, “but you can protect your car throughout its life by buying an extended auto warranty. An extended auto warranty is not double coverage; it is an extension of coverage.”

Without an extended auto warranty, repairs are extremely costly. For example, the average claim for a Chevrolet Impala is $1200. While the average claim for a GMC Envoy is a more modest $431, there are 148 recalls on average for that car. Most car owners without an extended auto warranty have to pay hundreds – if not thousands – of dollars in repairs. Moreover, car owners who choose not to extend their warranties risk further damage to their cars if they are not able to finance timely repairs. Continental Warranty says that their warranties are designed to give car owners peace of mind in a world where repair costs continue to rise.

While it may seem convenient to purchase an extended warranty from a dealership, consumers pay extra for this apparent convenience. Dealerships act as middle men, purchasing warranty products from warranty companies and then offering them to consumers at higher prices. Specialized warranty administrators like Continental Warranty offer consumers a wider variety of extended warranties to suit their needs – all without the inevitable dealership markup.

“The extended warranty I purchased through Continental Warranty paid for itself in the first month!” says Aronzo Walton of New York. An extended auto warranty purchased from a consumer-direct warranty administrator provides peace of mind to owners of both new and used cars. Moreover, it is a cost-effective way to enhance the life and value of any car.

About Continental Warranty

Continental Warranty is a leading consumer-direct warranty company that offers comprehensive warranty coverage by established and reputable insurance providers at wholesale prices. For almost twenty years, Continental Warranty has been helping consumers all across the country save money and gain peace-of-mind with affordable extended auto warranties by cutting out the middleman and selling directly to the consumer. Continental Warranty provides broad coverage for most makes, models or budget with value bonuses such as free roadside assistance, car rental, and trip interruption benefits.


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