Nexeon Announce New Face of Mankind Features

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Unique, player-driven sci-fi MMO taken to the next level with patch

Face of Mankind - Logo

Face of Mankind - Logo

The slew of new content in the upcoming patch means players won’t have a chance to breathe as they fight through the world of the Dominion,

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Nexeon have announced several major new features to be added to their player-driven MMORPG, Face of Mankind, elevating its unique open world gameplay to the next level.

Face of Mankind is a one of a kind experience in the MMO market, thanks to its player run factions that bring law enforcement, guns for hire and mega-corporations, political conflict, and civil unrest to the game.

The slew of new content in the upcoming patch means players won’t have a chance to breathe as they fight through the world of the Dominion, whether their embroiled in the battle of a politician, diplomat or a soldier.

Wars, Expedited

    The breakneck speed of Face Of Mankind's real time, third-person shooter combat system is now matched by the new world takeover system. Players best be on their guard, lest their enemies wrest your colony from under their control. Unless they get to their enemies first.

Cash In On Your Dissent

    Activism and crime have never been so effective. Players can become a member of the Guardians and help their faction force a colony's owner to lower their taxes. Or resort to a life of crime and help their fellow Brotherhood member’s traffic illicit goods. Do it right and players could even remove all semblance of law from Face of Mankinds world.

Be An Entrepreneur

    The Public Apartment feature allows players to open up a business to the world at large. Charge an entry fee, only allow friends, or host an underground dueling club - the possibilities are entirely up to the player.

Time To Play Dress Up

    No more restrictions - players can get the 'in gear' from all factions armor and clothing, despite whichever faction they're already in. New armor attributes ensure that players will be trying out all kinds of gear to find what suits them best.

Interesting players can check out the developer’s blog for an in-depth explanation of the upcoming features in patch -

With a steady stream of new features and an experience that is truly one of a kind, now is the best time there is to check out Face of Mankind.

Look the game up on its official website and explore the worlds of the Dominion

About Face of Mankind

Face of Mankind is a player-driven science fiction MMO, developed by Nexeon Technologies.

The game is set apart from traditional MMOs by the notion that each individual player can have an impact - large or small - on the game universe.

Players can assume whatever role they wish, and are not bound by class, skill points or level. Be it a law enforcement officer, corporate trader, miner or criminal, progression in the game is left entirely in the player's hands.

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