Fairhaven Health Introduces the ibasal, the World's Most Intelligent Basal Thermometer for Helping Couples Conceive

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Fairhaven Health recently introduced the ibasal, a computerized digital basal thermometer that accurately measures and interprets a woman’s basal body temperature. The FDA-cleared conception aid helps couples maximize the chance of conception by analyzing basal temperature trends to produce an accurate fertility prediction, thereby allowing couples to time intercourse during the fertile days of a woman’s menstrual cycle.

Fairhaven Health recently introduced the ibasal, a computerized digital basal thermometer that accurately measures and interprets a woman's basal body temperature.

Fairhaven Health recently released the ibasal, the world’s most intelligent digital basal thermometer. Unlike other thermometers that only measure your basal body temperature (also known as resting body temperature), the FDA-cleared ibasal actually interprets your basal temperature trends and other cycle cues with its proprietary algorithm to identify your expected ovulation date. Because a woman is only fertile in the few days leading up to, and on the day of ovulation, predicting ovulation is a fundamental part of the trying to conceive journey. By tracking menstrual cycle data, cycle after cycle, the ibasal helps to eliminate the guesswork from ovulation prediction.

Although ovulation is defined as the exact moment that an egg is released from the ovary into the fallopian tube, a woman’s body works for at least a couple of weeks every cycle to prepare for ovulation. During the first phase of a woman’s menstrual cycle, between 15 and 20 ovarian follicles, each one holding an egg, are selected for maturation. As these follicles mature, each competing to grow faster and larger than the others, they secrete the hormone estrogen into the bloodstream, causing the lining of the uterus to thicken and the consistency of cervical mucus to change. Once the follicles have reached an appropriate size, the pituitary gland releases luteinizing hormone (LH surge) and an egg is released from the most mature follicle – this is known as ovulation.

Immediately following the release of the egg, the woman’s body increases the production of progesterone, while estrogen and LH production decreases. The hormone progesterone warms a woman’s body in preparation for pregnancy, and this warming trend is reflected in an increase in basal body temperature. With daily BBT charting, a woman can detect the subtle thermal shift that follows ovulation. After a few months of charting, it is often possible to see the emergence of a pattern related to when the thermal shift occurs during her cycle. This will help her to know when ovulation is likely to occur, and when her most fertile days are during the cycle.

Traditional BBT charting can be somewhat cumbersome, as it often involves plotting temperatures on a graph using pen and paper, and interpreting the graph to try to detect the temperature shift. Fairhaven Health’s ibasal is a computerized digital basal thermometer that takes BBT charting to a new level. The device helps couples maximize their chances of conceiving by accurately measuring a woman’s BBT and interpreting the data to produce a fertility prediction prior to ovulation.

To achieve accurate results with BBT charting, it is imperative that a woman takes her BBT at the same time each morning. To promote charting accuracy, the ibasal comes complete with an alarm. The thermometer measures temperatures to 1/100th of a degree (e.g. 97.41 Fahrenheit), and automatically displays the cycle day and a graph of the previous 10 readings. Women can also record important information about their menstrual cycle, including bleeding, cramping and cervical mucus changes. The ibasal uses BBT data, along with additional cycle data provided, to determine fertility status, cycle phase, and possible pregnancy.

Women can visit the free online fertility charting site, OvaGraph.com, to track all of their menstrual cycle data, including BBT readings. After creating an online account, users have access to all the fertility charting tools, a supportive community of other trying-to-conceive women and a helpful staff to answer any questions that may arise.

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Fairhaven Health manufactures a line of natural, doctor-designed products to promote fertility, pregnancy, and nursing health. They provide ovulation prediction tools, natural fertility supplements, prenatal vitamins and breastfeeding support products, all of which are manufactured in U.S. GMP-certified and FDA regulated facilities.

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