Fairhaven Health’s Fertility Charting App, OvaGraph, Now Available for Android Users

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Fairhaven Health recently introduced the OvaGraph fertility charting app for Android users. This comprehensive ovulation charting tool provides users with an easy-to-use interface to store and graph all of their important cycle data, helping them to identify their peak fertile days and increase their odds of conceiving.

Fairhaven Health recently introduced the OvaGraph fertility charting app for Android users.

We received overwhelming positive feedback after launching the iPhone version, developing a version for Android users was a no-brainer.

With more than 50,000 users, Fairhaven Health’s OvaGraph.com website is among the most popular fertility charting sites on the Internet. Now OvaGraph users have access to a convenient Android app for quick data entry and ovulation calendar/graph viewing. Fairhaven Health released the OvaGraph fertility charting app for IOS users earlier this year.

“We received overwhelming positive feedback after launching the iPhone version; developing a version for Android users was a no-brainer,” said Sarah Dohman, Director of Customer Relations for Fairhaven Health.

Charting key fertility indicators allows trying-to-conceive couples to improve their chances of conceiving naturally by helping them pinpoint the woman’s so-called “fertile window.” When it comes to making babies, there are only a few days during the cycle that intercourse matters. Conception can only be achieved if sperm are ready and waiting in the woman’s reproductive tract when ovulation occurs, that precise moment when the egg is released from the ovary. As a result, couples can increase their odds of becoming pregnant by having intercourse on the few days just before, and on, a woman’s ovulation date. Tracking specific fertility indicators helps define that “fertile window.”

With the OvaGraph mobile app for Android and IOS, women can record their fertility indicators such as cervical mucus consistency, basal body temperature (BBT) readings, ovulation test results, and OvaCue fertility monitor readings, all in one convenient place. Women can customize which charts are displayed, record cycle data for an unlimited number of cycles, and compare multiple cycles at once. Registered users can also print charts for any given cycle to bring in with them to their next doctor visit. Unlike other sites that offer limited free trials or paid premium upgrades, OvaGraph and both apps are 100% free, no strings attached.

At first, fertility charting may seem daunting and time consuming. OvaGraph hosts a community of women who are actively trying to conceive and charting their fertility. The forums – accessible directly through the app – serve as a safe haven where women can chat and ask questions about infertility, fertility charting, trying to conceive tips, and even pregnancy. Women often share personal experiences in hopes of helping one another and receiving some much needed support.

“The tools available to women at OvaGraph are invaluable, but I think the best aspect is the community of women helping one another through this difficult time,” Dohman said. “We have moderators there to help interpret fertility charts, but even beyond that, OvaGraph has become a supportive, educational, and open environment for everyone. Many women find this place to be a safe haven where they can discuss their TTC journey with others in similar situations. We were particularly excited for the release of the Android app, which makes it even easier for women to connect with one another.”

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Fairhaven Health manufactures a line of natural, doctor-designed products to promote fertility, pregnancy, and nursing health. They provide ovulation prediction tools, natural fertility supplements, prenatal vitamins, and breastfeeding support products, all of which are manufactured in U.S. GMP-certified and FDA regulated facilities.

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