New Fat Loss Ignition Food Swap Guide Released To Help You Kickstart Weight Loss In 2012

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Claiming it has discovered the secret hormone that helps people with weight gain issues to lose 10 per cent of unwanted body weight over a 28 day period, the New Jersey based weight loss solutions provider, Fat Loss Ignition, has released a newly developed “Food Swap Guide” to help all men and women looking to kickstart weight loss in 2012.

Inside the ‘Fat Loss Ignition Food Swap Guide’ for example, you’ll learn how to make healthy substitutes of the foods you love the most, you’ll preserve all the taste and flavor of the food you like, and ignite fat loss at the same time.

According to the product’s developer Arnel Ricafranca, their 28-day weight loss program was designed to teach people clever little tips and tricks about their favorite foods, so they can eat them and not feel guilty about it.

“Now that the new year is here, I wrote the ‘Fat Loss Ignition Food Swap Guide’ to help everyone discover how to make healthy substitutes of the foods you love the most. This will help you preserve all the taste and flavor of the food you like, and ignite fat loss at the same time. You’ll get recipes that are based on our proprietary formula of what constitutes an FLI score for a meal,” said Ricafranca.

“Here’s the formula = 1 FLI score equals 12.5 grams of healthy carbohydrates (specifically selected carbohydrates to eliminate insulin spikes). It also contains 10 grams of delicious, flavorful proteins and 2.5 grams of rich, heart healthy fat,” he added.

However, he quickly noted that based on one’s gender, height, and weight, the user will know the maximum FLI score her or she can eat in a single meal and still lose weight. Besides, you’ll also know your daily FLI score.

Ricafranca also assured that users won’t have to worry about the intricacies of the junk food tricks’ in the FLI Food Swap Guide, because he’ll be helping them figure it all out as he claimed to have more advanced calculators and recipes, including baking recipes for them to use in the members area. For more information, please visit

Also, Ricafranca added that as persons reach their goals with the Fat Loss Ignition program, they will continue to eat delicious foods that balance healthy carbohydrates with lean proteins and heart healthy fats. “For example, we have FLI 4 score and FLI 5 score versions of your favorite recipes like chocolate chip pancakes, quarter pound burgers, pepperoni pan fried pizza, cheesy chicken enchiladas, fish tacos, double chocolate milkshakes and much more,” he said.

Ricafranca also claimed that eating fresh, hot, delicious and healthy FLI foods every day (most of them take 10 minutes to prepare) and following the exercise guidelines in the “Fat Loss Ignition Training Manual” will allow persons on the program to reset their body’s insulin levels and ignite fat loss, allowing you to lose 10 per cent of their unwanted body weight in in 28 days and continue losing weight till you reach your goals.

“Once you claim your personal copy of the Fat Loss Ignition manual, you’ll notice that FLI baked recipes taste the same (or better) than traditional recipes and make you feel full faster,” he added.

Awarded by the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports for helping America get fit and healthy, Arnel Ricafranca is a world renowned fitness professional and fat loss expert. He is also the publisher of an online fitness newsletter called ”Abs Secrets” read by half a million readers in over 170 countries. He has a degree in Exercise Science with multiple personal training and nutrition certifications. Along with Nitin Chhoda PT, he is also the creator of the Fat Loss Ignition system, also on the web at

For further information, please contact: Arnel Ricafranca, Creator, 201-298-3540,, or visit


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