Primal Burn Review - Is Primal Burn Good for Fat Loss? Read This Review

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Primal Burn approaches weight loss from the perspective of a "paleo" nutrition and lifestyle, suggesting that certain, specific foods are an absolute no-no for those wanting to burn fat and keep it off. releases a product review.

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...eating the wrong foods is an absolute no-no, and Primal Burn seeks to set the record straight.

Emphasizes Ken, creator of Primal Burn, "In truth, the key to eliminating fat from your body lies in controlling your hormones by using specific foods at specific times and limiting your exercise. Actually, the most important tip to getting a strong, sexy, healthy body is getting more rest."

The scientific principle on which Primal Burn is based, called Primal Lifestyle Pattern Response, focuses on the release a specific hormone that restores youthful physiology to the body. Specifcally, Human Growth Hormone (HGH) release is key for developing and sustaining lean muscle mass, while using body fat as fuel for energy. Ken focuses on nutrition, exercise, and sleep habits which regulate HGH for optimal body balance and health, including fat loss.

Paraphrasing Ken, editor Dagny Galt notes "Because of the well-documented medical fact that when your insulin is high your body stores fat, there are certain foods that should be avoided at all costs because of their effect on insulin levels. Ironically, these foods are often prescribed by the “health food” industry. Conversely, when insulin levels are low your body BURNS fat for fuel. Stated differently, the body uses carbohydrates (ie, sugars) for energy before it uses fats, so it is thereby critical to keep blood sugar levels low in order to force your body to use the fats you consume for fuel. Summarily, eating the wrong foods is an absolute no-no, and Primal Burn seeks to set the record straight."

Continues Dagny, “You will want to hear Ken’s story – very relatable in some ways to many, many people who have been desperate for so long to lose weight.”

So there it is. Ken tells a compelling story in his full Primal Burn video. It's worth a view.

Click here to read the full REVIEW on is a dragnet for all the latest fat burn and weight loss programs and products to hit the market. Author, editor, and sometimes-fat-sometimes-skinny Dagny Galt has dabbled with countless diet programs, researching many, trying many others, and eagerly indulging in every syllable of fat loss instruction in cyberspace. Dagny’s followers have come to love her wit and charm, but most importantly, to trust in her experience and knowledge to shine light in the right places as they search for the most effective fat loss programs.

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