ZijaExtreme.com Researches 3 Possible Natural Supplements for Treating or Relieving Fibromyalgia Symptoms

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With 20 years of experience in nutrition and wellness, ZijaExtreme owner Joe Leavers is unveiling three dietary changes which he says could help to alleviate the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

"What I have seen help with fibromyalgia pain is always plant-based natural nutrition."

Leavers says Fibromyalgia and several other chronic diseases could stem from a buildup of toxins and an inflammation at the cell level in the body. Natural and truly complete nutrition that is taken first thing in the morning makes for best absorption. This should be taken with vitamin D3, maybe 3000 to 5000 IU daily. (some suggest more) It’s also suggested to always check with a doctor to see just how deficient you are in D3. Most everyone is at some degree of deficiency and needs this daily supplement to maintain good health. Make sure to get on a high quality D3. They should be small gel caps for best absorption.

Leavers also suggests by focusing on “natural supplements” instead of synthetic store bought vitamins can give a body the upper hand that it’s missing. Our bodies recognize this type of natural nutrition as being food and this greatly increase absorption rates so it will simulate throughout and utilize all of these vitamins and nutrients. Some even speculate that absorption rates have to be 100%. A plant based anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidants should be take every morning as well.

The natural anti-inflammatory will reduce inflammation and help keep it under control. While the natural anti-oxidants will help the body rid out toxins from the cells, nervous systems etc.

As the third step in dietary changes for treating fibromyalgia symptoms, Leavers suggests to gently detox the body on a continuous basis. Gently being the keyword here. He says, “Fibromyalgia is real, but in my opinion it can be removed or detoxed out of the system and also prevented.” Leavers says that detoxing the body assists the organs in removing toxins so it doesn't store them in things like the kidneys, liver or gallbladder. For this, use a premium tea that is especially formulated for ridding the body of toxins. Joseph also recommends lots of spring water every day. 3 to 5 20 oz glasses should be good.

ZijaExtreme.com features natural supplements that answers the needs explained in this dietary approach to combating the symptoms of fibromyalgia. A daily supplement that has 90+ nutrients that also contains 36 anti-inflammatory, 46 antioxidants and is formulated from the most powerful botanical ever discovered. Their premium tea works great for gently detoxing the body safely and effectively. Customers can also save up to 15% right now on all auto-shipments. Consultations are always free. Find out more information by reading his blog post on the subject of fibromyalgia and natural supplemental treatments. Visit Site

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