15% Christmas Sale on ALZip, a File Compression Software in Celebration of 10 Year Anniversary

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About 10th anniversary event until the end of December and review on Past, Present, Post of ALZip.

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Christmas Event lasts until December 31th

For celebrating ALZip's birthday, ESTsoft holds Christmas event which offers 15% sale on ALZip and 20% sale on ALTools Utility, a suite of desktop programs.

ALZip, the easy & cute file compression program, celebrates 10 years in business. Developed by ESTsoft Corp., ALZip has done numerous upgrades and fixation to reach more than 50 thousand world-wide users.

For celebrating its birthday, ESTsoft holds Christmas event which offers 15% sale on ALZip and 20% sale on ALTools Utility, a suite of desktop programs including: ALShow, a free media player; ALSee, an image viewer; ALSong, a music and lyric player; ALToolbar, fast and safe internet helper; and other useful software for PC users. The event will continue until December 31th, 2009.

Enlisted on comparison websites as the best compression utility for extracting 36 file formats and one-click Zip and Unzip functionality, ALZip has now become one of the representing Zip and Unzip tools.

The birth of ALZip stems from 1999, when one employee in ESTsoft was in trouble with extracting file with using a well-known compression program. To solve this employee’s problem, the senior engineer, Young-Hwan Min created a one-click file extractor.

Later, the program has been released for non-commerical use as the CEO of ESTsoft, Jang-Joong Kim brought up an idea to release the program for public good.

For giving its name, ALZip, which means All Zip and Unzip software, was selected for emphasizing its main feature ; supporting various kinds of formats for ease of use.

Cute little egghead character was created soon to match with ALZip’s easy-to-use features. Now the character symbolizes ALTools products as all ALTools products are designed for user-friendly functionality.

The initial version of ALZip was freeware containing just simple Zip and Unzip functions. After a series of steady upgrades, ALZip 5.1 in 2003 provided a simple, but unique function; Zip password recovery.

The first English version of ALZip was version 4.1, released in 2001. Later, Arabic, Italian, German, Japanese, and Portuguese has been supported in sequence since ALZip version 5.52.

Extracting CD file such as ISO and Bin began possible in ALZip 5.5, released in 2004. In the same year, ALZip 6.0 started supporting 7z file, the 7-zip file archive.

The latest version of ALZip, ALZip 7.4 is supporting 36 file archives, which let users open more than any other major compression tool.

Other than general options, ALZip has a unique function called “Bird folder” creation. Every time when making a new folder, a bird name is shown on each folder. For example, if first created folder name is “pigeon,“ the next name is “crane“ and the following one is “woodpecker.“

When there are no more bird names left, ALZip first begs users to stop creating folders with using a folder name. Then it restarts creating a bird name folder with a “New” title, such as “New pigeon” or “New crane.”

ALZip supports more than 40 different bird names, thus many users spent time on making new folders for fun and curiosity when the function was first introduced.

ESTsoft is currently developing ALZip 7.52 for official support of Windows7. The version 7.52 is scheduled to be released on this December.

ALZip 8.0, a new major upgrade version of ALZip is also under development. One of the new functions is Unicode support, showing all world languages correctly regardless of any windows language for world-wide users.

ALZip celebrates 10th birthday with Christmas event until December 31th in the US time. During the event, ESTsoft provides 15% discount on ALZip and 20% on ALTools Utility.

For more questions on ALZip and Christmas event please visit official ALZip website, http://www.altools.com.

About ALZip

ALZip is a one-stop archiving and compression program designed for speed and ease of use. Beginners can easily perform advanced tasks, while power users can do things faster. ALZip boasts for supporting 36 compression and 8 archiving formats, more than any other major utility. The cute Egghead character, “AL” is a fun addition to any computer and ideal for children as well as IT pros.

About ESTsoft Corp.

ESTsoft Corp., a leading software developer since 1993, has been highly recognized as a provider of PC utilities named ALTools and various software including: BizHard, a web storage solution for SMB; InternetDisk, a web storage solution; and CABAL online, a MMORPG. With over 25 million individual users, various companies, government agencies and educational institutions are now ESTsoft’s valued customers. For more information on ESTsoft, please visit http://www.estsoft.com.


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