The Top 5 Movies Named as Favorites by Filmbuffet Members in 2011

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Movie fans on the new social networking and movie cataloging site,, share a few favorite films in common. The movies topping the list range from sci-fi thrillers to classic comedies., a place to meet, share and build virtual film collections

The favorite movie feature makes it easy for film enthusiasts to build new relationships with other movie fans that have highlighted the same favorite films.

One of the best things about the movies is everyone has their own opinion on what makes a movie great. From heart-pounding action to gorgeous cinematography, the reason why a film is a favorite varies. The movies that top the favorite lists of movie fans on Filmbuffet, an online movie community, date back to 1974 and span several genres.

As a social networking site, Filmbuffet makes it easier for people to connect over the films they share in common and hold near and dear to their heart. “Filmbuffet members can categorize any movie as a favorite in their collection,” states Timothy Stevens, CEO of Filmbuffet. “The favorite movie feature makes it easy for film enthusiasts to build new relationships with other movie fans that have highlighted the same favorite films. Members know they share the same taste in film and through that connection discover other films they may enjoy watching as well. ”

The top 5 movies named as favorites by Filmbuffet members in 2011 include:

1. ‘Young Frankenstein’(1974) – A brilliant spoof on horror movies directed by Mel and co-written by Gene Wilder, who also stars in the movie.

2. ‘Fight Club’ (1999) – Another favorite among Filmbuffet members, this drama stars Brad Pitt and Ed Norton who develop “fight clubs” as a form of therapy and a distraction from the routine of daily life.

3. ‘Blade Runner’ (1982) – The first in a two-part series, this futuristic drama remains a favorite among Filmbuffet members due in part to the first-rate cast and amazing atmospheric sets.

4. ‘The Dark Knight’ (2008) – A superhero film produced, directed and co-directed by Christopher Nolan. A sequel to the ‘Batman Begins’ (2005), the ‘Dark Knight’ is a favorite film among Filmbuffet members where Batman takes on crime and the Joker.

5. ‘The Matrix’(1999) – A science fiction-action film and the first in the series co-directed by the Wachowski brothers. Computer hacker Keanu Reeves is contacted by the mysterious Morpheus who leads him into the 'real world' set 200 years later.

Filmbuffet invites movie lovers to share their favorite films with other film enthusiasts on their website. To participate in the movie discussions movie fans can join for free their Facebook ID or creating a unique member ID. Once signed up members can rate movies, highlight their favorite movies, rate films, meet others who share their passion in film and discover new movies.

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