The Launch of Financial Secrets 101; Could Financial Freedom Really be This Simple?

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Financial freedom is not just for the super educated, the highly disciplined, or even the uber wealthy – it’s for the average individual or family who has forgotten the secrets of managing our money well – spend less, earn more, save more. At least that's what Griff Hanning thought when he launched Financial Secrets 101 back in January of 2010.

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"I'd like to thank Financial Secrets 101 for their simple, yet profound 5G Plan. With the money saving tips that my plan has produced, I have been able to get in control of my finances and financial freedom may be just around the corner." -Tom B

In this day and age Americans desire solutions to financial issues, not just band-aids. They are able to recognize the difference between a financial team that offers the secrets for lasting financial freedom and a team that offers advice in order to fill their own greedy pockets. Back in January, 2010, Griff Hanning, a young entrepreneur in Colorado Springs, CO, saw this particular market trend and decided to use it as an opportunity to launch his company, Financial Secrets 101. Since the launch, his website has provided an estimated combined total of $3,216,008 worth of money saving tips to over 400 new members, and the numbers continue to grow every single day!

The fantastic rise of is at its core a simple story of neighbor helping neighbor. But its “real world” genesis should not discourage the searching in its application, its uniquely designed 5G Plan. The 5G Plan is a financial guide made up of 5 steps: 1. Goal Setting, 2. Gain control, 3. Get out of Debt, 4. Grow your savings, 5. Give like there's no tomorrow. This simple step-by-step solution is what propels its growing community of on-line supporters and bloggers. With these specialized components, Financial Secrets 101 introduces the savvy socially networked to a unique dimension in customized financial stewardship.

The mission of is refreshingly simple: teach, equip, and encourage people between the ages of 18-40 to attain financial freedom. In a market growing with quick fixes, lengthy seminars, and money saving tips and tricks Americans are looking for trusted individuals and organizations who understand their financial needs because they’ve been there. The success of Financial Secrets is the hard earned results of Griff Hanning, the company’s founder.

Griff’s story began like many. Desiring to be a better manager of his money and his family’s future financial planning, Griff methodically began his journey by asking questions, researching solutions, and building the infrastructure of with passion and focus. Griff’s success is based in reality and has been the cornerstone of his growing success and appreciation with the students of his financially weary classroom. Griff’s excitement for his readers' process of finding financial freedom is the fuel that carries all who visit the site and join the unique web-based platform, the 5G Plan. Griff shares, "I look forward to helping people save money with some of the creative techniques I have implemented in my own life. I would never give advice that I myself am not willing to follow. Keep in mind that many of our so-called 'secrets' are not really secrets in the sense that one might think, but are simply things that people are not doing because… they were never told about.”

With all this talk of financial freedom what are some of the 400+ new members saying about Financial Secrets 101 and the 5G Plan? One Colorado family shared that there exists in the process of using the tools, reading the blogs, and being encouraged through the on-line community “a new sense of hope and empowerment that although still a process, we now know the right path to follow and the right tools to use.” Perhaps the biggest value of a company that advertises through word-of-mouth, sells no true product at the moment, and actually pays for new relationships with cash is exactly that: Hope.

With the uncertain financial climate of the past eighteen months, Americans are searching for a navigation system that will at least bring a sense of hope. Griff makes it clear that the hope offered through is not for the super educated, the highly disciplined, or even the uber wealthy – it’s for the average individual or family who has forgotten the secrets of managing their money well – spend less, earn more, save more.

"It's time for people to maximize their financial freedom ," says Griff. "Everyone has it, they just need to hone in on where to find it. It is my dream that Financial Secrets 101 and the 5G Plan will help them do that."

Griff says that since the launch, the website's popularity has grown at a tremendous rate, and he expects it to grow exponentially in the months to come. He wants to keep the 5G Plan a free service because he believes everyone should have access to this kind of money-saving information, but he is developing another online product that will help take people deeper into the concept of earning more doing what they do best. "I want to help people maximize the potential they have in this life. Money can either be a tool to help get them there, or a hurdle that holds them back. I have a passion for knocking down the hurdles."


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