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Income property can be the ideal alternative investment for savvy self directed IRA and Solo 401K investors. However, investors can own a great income property or a so-so income property. now clearly explains important considerations that need to be made before investing a self directed IRA or Solo 401K in an income property.

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Richard Geller CEO and managing director of Financial Success Institute

Free articles and special reports at provide readers much needed information that help people invest in income property after becoming educated with the knowledge of experienced and highly successful professionals

Richard Geller, CEO and managing director of, stated today, "A self directed IRA or a Solo 401K are incredible ways to own income property. Income property offers a very powerful formula for building wealth. The institute is now offering valuable but free insight about how average Americans can own income property in a variety of ways with their self directed IRA or Solo 401K."

Geller goes into detail, "Most first time investors begin with single family houses because that's what they understand. However, the best income property to own is multifamily housing. This can be anything from a duplex to 100 unit apartment building. The point being that multiunit income property has many advantages over a single residence. To start with, an investor wants the income property to generate multiple income streams. Let's say someone invests a self directed IRA or Solo 401K into a four-plex with each unit generating $600 in monthly income. The income property monthly total is $2,400. If one unit of the income property goes vacant for a month, the investor still has $1,800 going into their self directed IRA or Solo 401K tax free each month."

Geller continues, "However, if you have a single house renting for $1,200 and it goes vacant, nothing goes into the self directed IRA or Solo 401K that month. Also, rarely will an investor find a single family house that generates as much income as a multifamily for the same relative cost to own the income property. Before investors go with single houses as income property, they need to visit to learn how multifamily income property will make them wealthier and more secure via multiple income streams."

Geller also says, "Readers are encouraged to browse through the many alternative investing articles and special reports available free at This is much needed information that will help people invest in income property after becoming educated with the knowledge of experienced and highly successful professionals. Before readers invest in income property, they are also invited to post questions that our staff will answer. Done correctly, income property is much more secure than Wall Street. Investing in income property without the right knowledge become a lot of unneeded expenses and work maintaining the property. For instance, there are ways several investors can pool self directed IRAs and Solo 401Ks to acquire a high income property like a 150 unit apartment building and have it professionally managed so it's no work for them."

Geller concludes, " views investing in income property as an excellent alternative to stocks and bonds. Many investors will find multifamily income property superior to single family houses that don't generate nearly as much income into their self directed IRA or Solo 401K. Different subscribers have different investment needs. While multifamily income property isn't for all subscribers, a substantial number of subscribers will find this income property an attractive alternative."

About The Institute is devoted to educating readers and subscribes about investing alternatives and safeguarding wealth once acquired. Information about holding income property in a self directed IRA or Solo 401K is only a small sample of resources available to subscribers. Besides details about owning income property in a self directed IRA, other information readers can access includes the IRA LLC, mortgage deed investing, debt settlement, legally minimizing taxes, tax lien investing, and precious metal investing.

Disclaimer: Information here and at is not legal or professional advice regarding owning income property in a Solo 401K or any other retirement account activity. It's intended only as general information sharing. Seek professional assistance regarding specific circumstances and applicable laws to assure you fully understand the ways your self directed IRA or Solo 401K can own income property or before taking any other retirement account action.


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