HiViz LED Low Profile Brow Light Sizzles at South Atlantic Fire Rescue Expo

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HiViz LED Lighting has expanded their revolutionary low-profile, bar-style brow light with a family of 3 different size and brightness offerings features a lifetime warranty.

HiViz LED FireTech brow scene lighting

HiViz LED Lighting "FireTech Brow light"

Low profile, ultra bright, with split optics for more light on target. It is competitively priced and comes with a lifetime warranty exceeding all industry leaders

HiViz LEDs lit up the world of the attendees at the South Atlantic Fire Rescue Expo in Raleigh with its debut of the FireTech, low profile, ultra bright, split optics Brow Light. Shown at the show in the Fire Connections booth on an E-One Apparatus proudly owned by the Biscoe Fire Department, the FireTech Brow Light brought interest from users of all truck types.

“It’s the most cutting edge technology on any truck at the show” says Trey Daughtridge of Fire Connections. Such comments must be why the HiViz LED booth drew the attention of the likes of both FRC and Whelen representatives.

A video of the FireTech Brow light is viewable by following this link:

Family of FireTech Brow Light Products:

The FireTech Brow Light comes as family of sizes and brightness to fit every application. The light shown on the Biscoe Fire Department apparatus at the Raleigh Show was the 46”, split optics, offering with nearly 20,000 lumen low profile brow light. In addition to this brow light, HiViz "FireTech" is announcing the following:

A 65”, tri-split optics, over 25,000 lumen low profile brow light, and
A 72”, tri-split optics, nearly 30,000 lumen low profile low profile brow light.

What was that about split optics?

Tri-Split Optics on the 65” and 72” means that HiViz LED Brow Lights have spot lights for forward facing light, medium flood lights for general scene lighting, and full flood lights for lighting the area closer to the apparatus. These can be controlled by 3 switches in the cab.

Unlike other light providers, FireTech Brow Light solutions from HiViz LEDs are able to direct the light through the equivalent of special LED lenses. This allows the light generated to reach the target area. “It is like having 3 to 5 brow lights in one low profile housing” says, Sam Massa, owner of HiViz LEDs. “The goal is not just emitting light, but throwing the light effectively to the targeted area.”    Sam elaborates, “Instant on. Instant off. Light on target. That is what we have developed with the FireTech family of Brow lights”.

How Bright is It?

The FireTech 46” Brow Light provides the equivalent of 20% more light than single FRC 20,000 lumen Spectra Lighthead. The FireTech 65” Brow Light gives the equivalent of 2 FRC 20,000 lumen Spectra Lightheads . The FireTech 72” Brow Light offers more than 2 of the FRC 20,000 lumen Spectra Lightheads.

“We have provided the ‘equivalent to’ language regarding brightness because we are an alternative to traditional solutions and there is a specmanship game that is played by many manufacturers regarding their lumens rating. Maximum Lumens rating is simply not the only factor in light brightness. How hard you can drive the LED diode without having heat related problems and how clear your LED diode is all have great impact on the actual lux that reaches the target area. Lux is lumens per square meter on target. That’s what matters. “, says Sam Massa. “It’s a lot like saying you have an engine that could go 100 mph, but you can only drive the car with the windshield dirty and at 70 mph before the wheels come off the car. With FireTech Lighting Solutions, we have a patented pulse width modulation technology that allows us to drive our LEDs at over 90% of the rated capacity without any heat related issues and we use 90% purity LED diodes. “

LifeTime Warranty: All FireTech lighting solutions come with the only fire/rescue industry lifetime warranty for a lighting solution. All of these lights enjoy our LifeTime Warranty.  This is a straight forward replacement warranty for the life time that your customer owns the light.  If the light stops working virtually for any reason other than crushing it, call HiViz LEDs and we’ll get it replaced.  We mean truly the Life Time that your customer owns that light.

HiViz LEDs is located in Lillington, NC and is owned and operated by volunteer fireman, Sam Massa. For more information about how the FireTech Brow Light can be implemented on your fleet, contact HiViz LED lighting by emailing sales(at) or calling the office at 703-662-3458.

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