Banned in Blanco -- Author's First Book Banned in Hometown Library but She Doesn't Mind

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Title of Texas author's first ebook banned from her hometown library for containing the word "sexy."

Busy Sexy Body--How YOU can have a slim, sexy body in just 17 minutes a day, no matter how busy you are

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First-time ebook author Tam Thompson wasn't expecting to be overwhelmed at Texas' first ebook signing for her new ebook, "Busy Sexy Body--How YOU can have a slim, sexy body in just 17 minutes a day, no matter how busy you are", a 64-page fitness and weight loss ebook for women who are too busy to drive to a fitness center.

But she didn't expect to have her title banned, nor the flyer she'd carefully taped to the door of her hometown library in Blanco, Texas during her library volunteer hours …yet that's what happened.

At approximately 2:25pm on Saturday, January 17th, 2009, Thompson was hurrying into the library for her signing.

She came to a sudden stop when she read a plain text flyer posted on the library door instead of the color ecover she'd paid a graphic designer $105 to create.

FROM 2 TO 4 P.M.



"Some people got upset about your title, so we had to take it out," explained volunteer Dorothy Trimble to Thompson.

"Dorothy was just as nice and polite as always," Thompson says. "I know she didn't have anything to do with it."

Thompson's main title, "Busy Sexy Body," has been banned from display in the Blanco Public Library, despite the fact that the subtitle, "How YOU can have a slim, sexy body in just 17 minutes a day, no matter how busy you are," makes it clear that "Busy Sexy Body" is about fitness and weight loss, not sex.

"Yeah, but I can see how they'd think that," says Thompson. "When I google my site name to see how I'm doing in Google, a lot of porno sites pop up."

"I need to write more blog posts and articles so I can drive the competing porno sites off page 1 of Google and make it safe for people to google "Busy Sexy," since I'll have more 'Busy Sexy' ebooks and things coming out soon," she says.

Surprisingly, Thompson isn't protesting the banning of her book title by the Blanco Public Library. In fact, she supports it.

"Sure, I got ticked off. I was real mad there for awhile. But the more I think about it, the more I think communities have a right to set community standards and enforce them," explains Thompson.

"When I was growing up in Houston, we had no zoning. So I know what it looks like when there's these huge 'XXX' and 'Sex This' and 'Sex That' neon signs everywhere. It looks really trashy. I don't want to drive into Blanco and see that or have kids see it."

Thompson laughs and says in a sarcastic voice, "We ain't got no 'sexy' here in Blanco, no sirree Bob! Babies still come from the stork!"

Will she remain content to have the title of her first ebook published under her name (Thompson has been ghostwriting and copywriting professionally for 7 years) banned from her hometown library just for the use of the word "sexy?"

"I'm not sure," replies Thompson. "I need to think about it."

She laughs and adds, "I know what they're saying. Heard it already at the bank and the gas station: 'That's good old Blanco for you, God bless 'em!' And my husband and me, we love it out here. Wouldn't trade it for nothing."

Thompson has self-published the ebook and it is available at


For more information on the situation, call Tam Thompson directly at 1-512-656-9038 or email her at Her blog is at

Tam Thompson will be available live for press conferences and interviews in New York City on Monday morning from 9am until approximately noon. On Tuesday, she will be available in Blanco, Texas from 1:30pm until 6pm, and on Wednesday she will be available in Austin from 1-2pm and again from 4pm to approximately 8pm. Call for locations.


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