4SafeDrivers.com Announces Individual Driving Record Services in Florida

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4SafeDrivers.com, a nationwide service that allows employers and individuals a way to easily obtain driving records, announces individual driving record services, extended throughout the State of Florida.

Many people simply accept their high insurance rates without realizing that they’re paying the price for a blemished driving record, says Kellner

An individual’s driving record can have a major impact on everything from employment prospects to insurance rates, whether the person knows it or not. Auto insurance rates are being determined, more than ever, according to the track record of the motorist. Meanwhile, many employers are beginning to look at driving records as part of the routine background check and screening process prior to employment. Still, individuals are often in the dark as to what their driving records actually say, as well as what can be done to correct any potential problems. A company called 4SafeDrivers.com, which obtains driving records both for employers and for individuals, is seeking to change that.

According to Jeffrey Kellner, president of 4SafeDrivers.com, it’s easy to be hurt by one’s driving record without ever understanding why. “Many people simply accept their high insurance rates without realizing that they’re paying the price for a blemished FL driving record,” says Kellner. “Meanwhile, prospective employees are caught off guard by what their driving records reveal during the background check process. Our services at 4SafeDrivers.com can assist individuals in knowing what their records show, and how they can improve them.”

Indeed, though 4SafeDrivers.com has long been known for the service it extends to employers, it now offers its services to individuals in the State of Florida. A person can obtain his or her driving records easily, without having to go through the hassle or pay the high fees required by obtaining records directly from the state. The individual can then be better-prepared for background checks and better-informed in seeking the best insurance rates.

According to Kellner, the services offered by 4SafeDrivers.com are not just about knowing your driving record, but improving it. “In addition to easily obtaining a driving record, individuals can also find the best insurance quotes,” he says. “What’s more, our clients can use our site to connect with local driving training programs, enrollment in which could ultimately lead to some of those driving record blemishes being smoothed over.”

Ultimately, Kellner says he hopes for the 4SafeDrivers.com services to help Florida natives make better decisions about their insurance options and their driving habits. “There is so much that rides on a person’s driving record. Knowing what that driving record says, and having the options to improve upon it or work around it, can be invaluable.”


4SafeDrivers.com is a premium site for employers and hiring managers to obtain pertinent background records about prospective employees, as well as to check their own files and records with a minimum of hurdles and fees. The site also offers resources for individuals seeking to know what their driving records say and how they can still obtain reasonable insurance rates.

An essential tool for employers in virtually any field, 4SafeDrivers.com can be reached at http://www.4SafeDrivers.com, or e-mailed at customerservices(at)4SafeDrivers(dot)com.


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