Sunray, Inc. Takes the Industry Lead As Premier Polyurethane Flanged Wheel Maker

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USA company is currently the only manufacturer of flanged wheels created from polyurethane and offers customized online ordering.

Sunray is now the only manufacturer offering popular flanged style wheels made from polyurethane.

Sunray, Inc. has been a leading innovator in the polyurethane wheels and parts industry for more than three decades, and is now the only manufacturer offering popular flanged style wheels that are made from urethane or polyurethane. Customers from all over the world use the convenient Sunray website ( ) to purchase specialty polyurethane flanged wheels for a variety of industries and applications.

Flanged wheels are distinguished by their unique design that provides either a single or double flange to ensure that the wheels remain in place on a rail. The most common type of flanged wheels that most people are familiar with are those used on boxcars, but there are actually many other different types of flanged wheels used in a wide range of applications.

Various styles of advanced polyurethane flanged wheels are used to raise inventory or manufacturing components off the floor and onto a track or rail. That saves time and labor – or creates an instant assembly line mechanism – because with a simple track and Sunray’s top-quality urethane or polyurethane flange wheels it is possible to move even the heaviest of parts, equipment, or cargo quickly and effortlessly from one end of a warehouse or production facility to another.

Unlike conventional metal flange wheels, however, those made by Sunray are uniquely designed from high-tech polyurethane – which is also referred to as urethane. They have a steel or aluminum core at the center.

Many companies today prefer Sunray’s urethane flanged wheels over their old-fashioned steel counterparts because of their superior performance and endurance. Exclusive Sunray polyurethane flanged wheels glide smoothly and are significantly quieter during operation than ordinary metal wheels. Plus they put less stress and wear on tracks or other parts they contact – which saves money by minimizing repair or replacement of industrial infrastructure.

Sunray's polyurethane flanged wheels can also be made to order with custom specifications. Choose the type of tread, the bore, and the dimensions for drive flanged wheels, idler flanged wheels, or double flanged wheels. All of the ordering can be done online by uploading drawings or specifications, and Sunray's expert sales team can personally help to design and execute the proper wheel for any task.

Each of Sunray’s products is also designed for longevity, safety, and high performance under demanding industrial and commercial conditions. But even if a company has wheels that have finally worn down due to decades of use and abuse, Sunray can restore those old flanged wheels – and many other types of wheels or parts – and make them as good as new. The company originally started as a wheel recycler, and is a leader is the polyurethane wheels and parts rejuvenation process.


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