2 New Free Reports Help Burn Belly Fat Without Wasting Money On Ab Machines

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John Davenport, the creator of the Burn My Belly Fat website, is now offering 2 Free diet and fitness reports to help men and women lose stomach fat and get flat abs. In addition, the website includes updated information on ab machines and exposes which infomercials are true and which paint an unrealistic picture.

There is so much misinformation floating around about how to really get sexy abs that I knew I had to do something to get the right information in front of people,

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Noted health and fitness author, John Davenport, creator of the Emotional Eating Solution program, has announced the release of 2 Free diet and fitness reports which can be found on this page: How to Burn Belly Fat Fast.
The 2 guides are meant to help men and women create a healthy lifestyle and get flat abs in the process.

This is part of the expansion of his http://BurnMyBellyFat.com website which provides extensive nutrition and exercise information for people who wish to lose stomach fat and get flat abs.

It contains answers to the most pressing questions people have about how to really shed fat from their midsection, what to eat and when, how to workout, and which products work and which are a waste of money.

"There is so much misinformation floating around about how to really get sexy abs that I knew I had to do something to get the right information in front of people, " Says John Davenport, weight loss researcher and author. "Much of this misinformation is simply outdated, but some of it is actually distributed by unscrupulous marketers or by people posing as experts.

"For instance, one of the common questions I get is how you can get a flat stomach in 2 weeks. This is impossible of course, especially if you have a lot of excess weight to lose, yet many products do make such claims."

"The trouble people have in finding quality information is causing a lot of people to make bad choices which may cost them a lot of money and contribute nothing whatsoever to the results they see at the end of the day. People spend so much time and effort to flatten their stomach but never see results. There's no shortage of willpower. It is lack of the proper knowledge which stops people from seeing results.

"The 2 Free guides are just the beginning of an education process which each and every one of us must go through in order to take control of his or her habits, learn how to work with our body and not against it, and create the right lifestyle for long term health and fitness results."

The Burn My Belly Fat website contains information on a variety of topics and is being updated regularly. Among the many articles there is a section on which Cardio workouts burn belly fat the best and what is the most effective way to do them. It is also possible to learn correct nutrition guidelines and motivational tips.

But what is even more interesting is that John Davenport decided to make a specific section about ab machines.

"I see many infomercials for ab machines, " said John Davenport. "It seems that you can't turn on the TV without seeing one or another. Some of these machines do have merit, but often the infomercials tend to stretch the truth, emphasizing good points and not mentioning bad ones. This is advertisement and I have no problem with that, but I want people to get the complete picture before spending $200 or more of their hard earned money.

"The key is to provide a detailed review of the good and bad things about the most popular abs machines and to offer alternatives which may be more effective and affordable."

2 examples of heavily advertised machines which are discussed in detail can be found on these pages: Ab Circle Pro Review and Ab Coaster Review.

"Losing all your excess belly fat isn't an easy process and will take time. However, you can get excellent results with the right attitude, the right mindset, and the right information. This is what I am trying to teach people."

About John Davenport:

John Davenport was overweight from an early age and struggled with emotional eating and weight for the better part of his life. Then, a few years ago, he decided to transform his life, and began actively researching exercise, nutrition, and the emotional sides of fat loss and fitness.
Through trial and error and sheer determination, he achieved the results he had always dreamed about.

"No one can burn the fat for you," says John Davenport, author and researcher, "but I can certainly give you the necessary push to make the first step in this process."

After losing over 30 pounds of fat, John Davenport decided to take it one step further and took up long distance running. He now enjoys running so much that he frequently does half marathons, while he had trouble completing a 2 mile jog just a few short years ago.

John Davenport states that his mission in life is to help more people lose weight, become fit, and enjoy a healthier lifestyle. He has written several hundred articles on health and fitness issues which appear on numerous websites.

"Diets often fail because most weight gain comes from an unhealthy emotional dependence on food," Says John Davenport, who recently wrote a special program on how to stop emotional eating and Overcome binge eating. This program not only shares his story but includes a variety of methods in which you can develop a much healthier relationship with food.

"95% of diets fail. Even if people do lose weight, they gain it all back again," John Davenport claims. He continues to provide information for people from many countries around the world. His latest ebook, Maintain Don't Gain teaches people how to maintain their weight for many years.


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