Summer 2012 Flood Advisories for the Fraser Valley Near US/Canada Border Prompt a Local Storage Company to Offer a Solution for Homeowners Worried About Their Possessions

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Evacuation alerts and flood advisories in the early summer are a common occurrence in many US and Canadian regions where housing developments are located near rivers. Many households fear leaving their homes for summer vacation in the event that the possibility of flooding escalates. Delta BC moving and storage company Accent Moving & Storage eyes the rising Fraser River during flood season and provides a solution to local residents while advising anyone living near a rising waterway to follow suit.

Beautiful and stocked with salmon but potentially hazardous during flood season

People store certain vehicles during months of bad weather so it’s not far-fetched to suggest the same for especially valuable household possessions and furnishings during flood season.

In June 2012 the Fraser Valley saw larger than normal rainfall and the snow melt from the long winter season previous took its toll on the region in the form of rising water levels in the Fraser River. Known for having the richest salmon stock in the world, the Fraser River is often praised more than feared, but homeowners were on constant watch through the first third of summer and continue to see higher than average water levels in July. While the region is currently receiving relief from the wet month before, if the rains come again, all eyes will be on the Fraser River.

Home owners in the Fraser Valley and surrounding area are enjoying the momentary dry spell but understand that learning from the past is the best way to protect their homes from future flooding. While the worst for the 2012 season may be over, some residents located very close to waterways still feel some concern over the water levels and are wary of taking extended summer vacations away from their homes, especially if their region experiences heavy rainfall once again while they’re gone. While they can likely depend on the local community for sandbagging the perimeter, little can be done to protect their household possessions if the water gets through. Accent Moving & Storage, a Delta BC moving and storage company located near the Fraser River and various bodies of water along the border region of Canada and the U.S. offers a solution.

Having been in the moving and storage business for well over a decade, Accent Moving & Storage is well aware of the various concerns facing homeowners and their possessions. For some, flood season is a two month long affair where they need to remain in a constant state of preparedness. This concern is amplified when homeowners are away on business or leisure during those same weeks. For this reason, Accent Moving & Storage suggests that homeowners consider short term storage for their valuable household possessions when flooding season approaches, even suggesting that families can make do without certain furnishings for those unnerving weeks.

Wes Tomlinson, owner of Accent Moving & Storage comments “People store certain vehicles during months of bad weather so it’s not far-fetched to suggest the same for especially valuable household possessions and furnishings during flood season. We’re not making some strategic business proposition here. We’re simply suggesting that anyone living in a flood zone consider securing their local storage service provider to put their minds at ease when the water levels start to rise.” One only has to look at the flooding devastation felt throughout North America over the years to see that secure storage should be used as a part of one’s emergency preparedness program.

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