Florida Health Insurance Analyst Says Crist's Insurance Plan Lacks Substance

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You may have heard Governor Crist's health insurance plan sailed through Senate allowing 3.7 million Floridians access to health insurance. Morgan Moran, A Florida health insurance analyst said, the headline may sound reassuring to anyone living without health coverage, but the reality is, "no one actually knows what kind of health coverage was passed, or how much premiums will cost, that is up for debate."

Crist Plan Not For Childen

When the governor created this plan he hoped that people would buy insurance if it were cheaper, but now it seems that $150 is in the gas tank, or the food bill, or something else.

Florida has been in the middle of a health insurance nightmare for quite a few years. This hot button issue has caused many a Politian to create a health care plan they can call their own. Our Governor may be one of them. Morgan Moran of Florida health insurance web, a health analyst said, "Governor Crist's health insurance plan was passed without debate, and it appears the Senate passed the measure without reading it either; it is completely meaningless and most likely will not help anyone".

Optimists will say 'passing the insurance bill will help 3.7 million people', the pessimists will say 'the bill is nothing more than politico... and people will do anything to get elected.' Whether the Governor was motivated by his hopes of a Vice-Presidency, or to 'do the right thing for residents', we may never know. You can however, look deep into his insurance plan and see it is nothing more than politics.

The facts

"The Governors 'Cover Florida' is not designed to 'Cover Florida', said Moran, "it allows big insurance companies free reign to create smaller insurance plans with lesser benefits". And it gets worse. "The insurers can cap services, limit coverage, require co-pays and offer very limited prescription-drug coverage; not exactly what is needed right now", Moran said.

These new health plans would come with a smaller price tag - about $150 a month, as opposed to current Florida health insurance premiums that can exceed $600. Moran said "When the governor created this plan he hoped that people would buy insurance if it were cheaper, but now it seems that $150 is in the gas tank, or the food bill, or something else."

Good news?

Yes. If you live in Florida and are under the age of 65, if you have not had insurance in the past six months, you can buy this coverage whether or not you are employed.

The plans also would allow insurers to allow parents to cover children until they reach age 30 -- as opposed to the more typical 25.


The strange part of the insurance deal in the Senate, the insurance consultant said, "Details of the plans have yet to be worked out. No one knows what exactly will be covered with this plan, what the plans will cost and, therefore, what people will want and be able to afford to buy." At the very least, "the insurance companies will have to offer at least two plans: one with catastrophic coverage and one without", Moran said. "Purchasing one of these insurance plans of course is optional, and could be bought by individuals or by employers." "They must offer prescription-drug coverage of some type, and some kind of coverage for surgery or hospital stays; whether that coverage will have any appeal, is another thing."

Where do we stand

Florida health insurance web recently posted the state's health report which said "At present, 20.2 percent of Florida's population is living without insurance. That makes Florida the third-highest rated uninsured state in the nation." Who are they? "Of the 3.7 million uninsured residents, a little more than 20% are kids under 18, and according to legislative analyst's, almost half of all Floridians - ages 18 to 34 - are uninsured", the analyst said.

Lack of benefits

"The ''Cover Florida'' plan would have to offer some mandatory coverage for medical supplies such as 'diabetic supplies', but the extent and scope of the benefits still have to be worked out, it could be next to nothing" Moran said.

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