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Hunting is the favorite pastime of many people. In fact, when hunting season approaches, some dole out a lot of money to purchase the best rifle around and other gear. However, one of the most important things to remember while out hunting is that you should follow a well laid out plan in order to get that prized trophy, especially with deer hunting.

Deer hunting is exciting and leads to an adrenaline rush. The deer is actually a very fast runner, and to catch up with it, you need a good hunting strategy. And among all the types of deer, the white tailed deer is the biggest challenge for the hunters.

This animal has a keen sense of smell, hearing and sight. They can detect the presence of humans from great distances because of their heightened sense of smell. Thus the white tailed deer is quite an elusive animal, and it is best that you get some knowledge about deer hunting techniques before you head out for your next hunting expedition.

1)     Conduct adequate research when you plan any food plots and when you go to any hunting site. Get to know the type of deer that are available in the area, and then decide upon your food plot set up and later your hunting technique.

2)     It is but foolish to believe that an animal would just walk up to you. Thus you will have to lure the animal and make it fall in your trap. One of the most popular methods is to set up tree stands and then wait patiently for the deer to approach. This method will test your patience so be sure to dress comfortably and pack plenty of snacks.

3)     Another important deer hunting technique you can use is to manipulate the animal’s heightened sense of hearing to your advantage. Use a deer call or rattling antlers to waylay the animal. When a deer hears these sounds, it can be easily waylaid and wander towards the source of the sound even if it is a long way off. For this method too you need to be patient, as well. If you do not see any deer approaching you even after several minutes, then simply repeat the call.

4)     It is imperative that you choose a good spot for hunting deer. Make sure that you are concealed. Any sudden movements can alarm these animals and they run away. So try to be as quite as possible and make stealthy movements. Also pick a spot that is downwind from the trail you expect deer to be traveling so that he doesn't get your scent and disappear.

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