Ford 5.0 Crate Engine Added for Sale to Buyers at

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Ford 5.0 crate engine is now added for online sale to buyers at the company. These motors are OEM builds and are ready for installation into compatible Ford vehicles at a price that is discounted, lower than MSRP pricing charged by dealerships.

Ford 5.0 Crate Engine
This OEM edition motor is expected to help increase the buying opportunities for engine buyers unable to locate this engine in an acceptable condition online.

Ford Motor Company is known for producing some of the most in-demand performance vehicles produced by a U.S. automaker. The consistent development of the Mustang helped Ford to pair this vehicle with the 5.0 engine in the early 1990s. The company is a leading seller of crate replacement engines and has now added the Ford 5.0 crate engine online. This OEM edition motor is expected to help increase the buying opportunities for engine buyers unable to locate this engine in an acceptable condition online. The complete company inventory of motors can be researched online at the website.

Ford developed its modular engine series in the V8 size to compete with engines in the same class produced by General Motors and Chrysler. The consistent upgrades to this series helped vehicles like the Mustang to reach a new audience of vehicle owners. The increased amount of horsepower offered in the 5.0 series introduced a portion of the newer technologies pioneered by Ford.

The addition of this crate motor for sale online is one way used by the Crate Engines for Sale Co. to provide better inventory for buyers to purchase. The company inspection processes that are now in use help to verify the quality of each build before actual shipment to buyers in the U.S.

The company has introduced a new policy for warranties this year. The benchmark warranty for the average crate engine is currently 12 months of coverage. Not all builders of engines are able to supply this basic coverage level due to a variety of factors. The updated policy that is now provided for each sale includes 36 months of basic coverage as an incentive for all buyers. This breakdown coverage is designed to protect all parts and components from premature failure during engine use. The inclusion of this new protection comes without an increase in price for all buyers.

Aside from the 5.0 engine added online, the inclusion of the 4.6 engine earlier this year has helped to build the available inventory of Ford motors offered online. The news release published at was one effort used to announced this acquisition to the public. Additional engines are expected to be added to the Ford Motor Company inventory before the close of the year. The lowered pricing is expected to be applied to all engines added for sale by this company.


The company supplies custom crate engines and OEM builds for trade industry buyers and owners of vehicles in North America. This company has built an informative website now used as one resource for buyers when researching engine information and price details on the Internet. The company attaches up to 36 months of warranty protection with every sale processed through the company ordering system. The faster deliveries and routine price drops provided by this company offers a better resource to purchase crate motors for import and domestic vehicles.

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