Ford Engine Rebuilders Now Refurbishing 3.0 Engines at

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Ford engine rebuilders are now refurbishing the 3.0 engines at the company. These V6 motors are now available for Fusion, Taurus and Escape vehicles to provide a reconditioned option for vehicle owners.

Ford Engine Rebuilders
The rebuilding efforts that are now in place at the company are designed to provide like new 3.0 motors for customer vehicle installations.

The Ford Motor Company engine development program has created two V6 motors that have remained popular in the sedan and SUV brands in the past 20 years. The company is now refurbishing 3.0 engines for customer sale at These Ford engine rebuilders are now providing these motors for a reduced price compared with a used unit that remains untested prior to sale. These reconditioned engines are set up to provide better value for installations for Taurus, Escape and Fusion vehicles.

The 1987 introduction to the Vulcan V6 engine helped the Taurus to benefit for close to a decade due to the power increase. The development of the Duratec motors in the early 1990s provided the 3.0 editions that remain in use for the majority of Ford vehicles. The rebuilding efforts that are now in place at the company are designed to provide like new 3.0 motors for customer vehicle installations.

These motors originate from preowned editions and are built by hand to ensure OEM accuracy is achieved. The equipment upgrades and engineering practices now used are making it possible to provide better engines for replacements.

The rebuilding work now accomplished for Ford motors is helping this company to rewrite a better warranty policy for engines sold. Because a time frame benchmark does not exist for warranty protection, the Car Engines for Sale Co. is now including a 36-month protection policy with each motor distributed. These warranties are designed to be useful for owners of vehicles who purchase motors for immediate installation and use. These upgrades to the warranty policy are possible in part due to the machinery and engineering processes that have been reworked this year.

The 3.0 V6 motors now refurbished for sale are part of a larger inventory increase started earlier this year. The rebuilt Ford Motor Company motors that are currently available for public sale are an initiative put into place this year that was announced at online. This announcement broke the original news about the Ford capability possible at this company. Since this news was distributed online, the V8 Triton and Essex series engines for SUVs and pickup trucks have been added to the current inventory.

The freight policies that are now in place for these Ford motors provide for shipments processed on the same day that orders are placed. This includes telephone orders and orders that originate from a quotation tool that is in use online. This faster processing of engine orders is now an extra effort by this company to increase its customer service levels.


The company rebuilds automotive engines and sells these variants to consumers and trade buyers in North America. This company invests into employees and equipment to provide error-free reconditioned motors for most domestic vehicle types. The company website is now used as one informational method for obtaining engine quality information before consumers purchase. The company now relies upon the quotation method online to supply immediate prices for vintage and newer types of motors for sale. This system is able to supply warranty information and shipment details for each reconditioned motor in stock.

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