Video Creates a Wealth of New Opportunities for Franchise Businesses Around the World

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The introduction of embedded videos and podcasts has opened up new whole fields of promotion for web-based businesses. The franchising industry, in particular, has found video to be a direct and effective path to expansion and increased profitability. Franchise Direct, one of the world's leading portals for franchise and business opportunities is helping franchises maximise their video potential.

Video has created a revolution online. The advent of video on websites has forever changed the way that people consume information on the internet. And to realise the dramatic effect that video has had for businesses and consumers, one should only look at the field of franchise businesses.

When websites like Youtube began to host uploaded video content back in February, 2005, many assumed that the website's popularity might be only be a fad. But we live in a culture dominated by images. The most direct way to capture people's imaginations these days is through moving images. And since the internet can often feel like a dense web of text, the challenge for internet businesses was simple: how can a company transfer the immediacy of video to suit its own commercial objectives?

Over time, enterprising businesspeople have figured out how to make video work for them. No field demonstrates this better than the franchising industry, where a well-produced video has been shown to have widespread ramifications for a company's business model.

For an example about the potential of video content for businesses, just take a look at this video from candy franchise Candy Bouquet. The candy franchise is trying to flourish on a national level in an extremely-competitive marketplace amid the backdrop of challenging economic times. Looking to promote its business to prospective franchisees, Candy Bouquet recorded this franchise video with Franchise Direct.

In the video, Shanna Allred, a Candy Bouquet franchisee, is interviewed by a representative from Franchise Direct. Allred takes the viewer through the essential elements of owning a Candy Bouquet franchise, which is very informative for prospective business people.

Yet the video is incredibly effective for other subtler reasons. For one, the viewer is taken directly into a Candy Bouquet shop. A prospective franchisee watching the video on their PC or laptop is taken away from potentially mundane promotional text to the point where they can actually begin to picture themselves wearing the green apron and selling some of Candy Bouquet's fabulous products.

At the same time, the strength of the video comes from hearing the actual experience of Allred, the franchisee, instead of an actor or company executive. Allred describes the day-to-day running of a Candy Bouquet franchise in a clear and simple way that prospective franchisees would be able to sympathize with. The power of this video is underlined by the fact that is has proven hugely popular for Candy Bouquet, and in the process, put the company a step ahead of its competition as it looks to grow.

Franchise Direct also features video podcasts, in which franchisees sketch out their business model.

Video is truly the way of the future. The internet is quickly adapting to find ways of hosting bigger and clearer video files. As Franchise Direct has proved, video can prove hugely successful because they communicate a range of ideas in both obvious and more-subtle ways.

If you're a franchise company looking to exploit the medium of video, contact Franchise Direct ( today for a new intimacy with potential clients.

Franchise Direct is one of the world's leading portals for franchise and business opportunities.


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