Frank Pollaro Responds to CNN Heart Study, Says “Risk Factors” Are Important Indicators

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Responding to a new CNN study suggesting age and race are not the most important indicators of heart disease, cardiologist Frank Pollaro urges individuals to be mindful of important risk factors.

Conventional thinking dictates that age and race are two factors that determine a person’s susceptibility to heart disease, but a recent medical report from CNN suggests that matters might not be quite so simple. According to the CNN study, common cardiovascular risk factors, such as blood pressure, are solely responsible for an individual’s chances of getting heart disease, with age, gender, and ethnicity not emerging as clear factors. This flies in the face of common thinking about cardiovascular disease, which has long considered age, sex, and race to be more significant factors, but the CNN report has drawn praise from respected cardiologists like Frank Pollaro.

A physician whose specialty is in non-invasive cardiology, Frank Pollaro says the CNN raises a point that anyone wary of heart disease should take seriously, namely, that “the risk factors for heart disease are much better predictors when compared to age, sex or race.” However, Frank Pollaro goes on to note that simply knowing what these risk factors are doesn’t necessarily make it easier to prevent heart disease. “The main problem, especially in this country, is the risk factors have all reached epidemic proportions—smoking, obesity, hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol—so our focus should be on prevention and risk factor modification.”

Cardiologist Frank Pollaro confirms that the risk factors identified in the CNN study are ones every individual should be aware of; acting to reduce those risk factors is the difficult part.

“Can we, as a society, decide to stop smoking, exercise and eat healthy food—and be serious about doing it?” asks Frank Pollaro, affirming the advice offered in the CNN report itself, which urges readers to prioritize “staying active, eating right, not smoking and knowing your family’s blood pressure and cholesterol levels.”

CNN’s report continues echoing Frank Pollaro’s sentiment, suggesting that, rather than focus on treatment of cardiovascular disease, lawmakers and physicians alike might strive to create a culture in which healthy living is emphasized and these risk factors are minimized.


Frank Pollaro is a non-invasive cardiologist who specializes in using the latest technology to effectively treat coronary disease and vascular disorders. A graduate of Georgetown University, Frank Pollaro is an award-winning physician with numerous publications and professional affiliations to his name.


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