Zenring Announces First Mobile to Mobile Free Global Calling

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Zenring enables international calling at free or local rates; introduces first of its kind voice and video messaging service from any browser enhancing VoIP services in social networking.

Zenring's Zenpal USB device for making free international mobile to mobile calls.

Zenring is a timely service and very much needed by millions of families to stay connected to their loved ones around the globe. It is not unusual to spend several hundreds of dollars annually calling internationally

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Zenring, Inc., a VoIP startup innovating global mobile telephony, today launched its Zenring service featuring the first mobile to mobile free global calling. Zenring enables users to make free long distance and international calls from their mobile phones to other Zenring users worldwide through a simple USB device called a zenpal. Zenring is free to join and free to use without purchasing calling credits required by Skype and Google Voice.

Zenring uses resources many already have at home; a broadband Internet connected PC, a home telephone line, and any mobile phone. Users register at Zenring's website and download free Zenring software to their PC. Zenring uses a zenpal to connect the user's PC, phone line, and mobile phone into an international private mobile network. Zenring users can call each other for free globally at the cost of making a local call. The zenpal device also provides a visual voicemail service to the home phone line and messages can be managed from anywhere online.

"Zenring is a timely service and very much needed by millions of families to stay connected to their loved ones around the globe. It is not unusual to spend several hundreds of dollars annually calling internationally," said Sandip Chattopadhya, Zenring's CEO and Founder. "Mobile phones are becoming ubiquitous even in developing countries. We are extremely excited to bring innovation and savings to our worldwide users who have provided an overwhelmingly positive response to Zenring."

Atiq Raza, Zenring's Chairman of the Board, points out there is plenty of room for innovation in the VoIP landscape. "Zenring is addressing the gap between mobile telephony, social networking, and the cost of a connected global community. The simplicity of Zenring is remarkable as it works on all mobile phones including prepaid with no phone application downloads or data plans required. It is also not affected by turf battles as recently seen between Apple's iPhone, Goggle Voice, and AT&T since you are simply calling home to use Zenring."

Zenring has also introduced a unique voice and video messaging service, which allows users to send short web voice and video messages directly from any browser. The messaging service, not available on Skype or Facebook, is also available free. Zenring combines free VoIP services with social networking to connect friends and families across the globe.

"Invite and connect to friends, and follow each other through an activity feed. The voice and video messaging service is akin to an enhanced Twitter feed, limited to a minute of recording which you can broadcast to individuals or all your friends," noted Harminder Sandhu, Zenring's Principle Engineer and Co-Founder. "Zenring is an open API platform, and soon developers will be able to use it integrate our VoIP services into Facebook and other applications."

While Zenring provides incredible freedom to users to make and receive calls on their mobiles from anywhere, not restricted to their locations, PCs and headsets like other VoIP services, Zenring also provides flexibility to accommodate PC to PC calls, PC to mobile, and mobile to PC calls. This is especially useful when calling parts of the world where broadband Internet connections are just rolling out.

Zenring also provides immense savings to people who spend hundreds of dollars on phone calls while traveling abroad. Through Laptop Roaming, Zenring users are able to make calls from Wi-Fi hotspots including hotels and airports with their laptops for free worldwide without restrictions.

Zenring has completed its beta phase worldwide in more than 70 countries and about 10,000 users from all continents. Zenring's technological innovation provides optimal sound quality even for mobile calls to countries still on dial-up connections, which must use PCs for calls. The service is open to all users worldwide to join and use for free.

Zenring also announces the opening of direct consumer sales over the company's online store. Direct sales of zenpals are being offered priced at $19.99 for each Zenpal USB device, and $25.95 for a Zenpal DSL Pack, which includes the zenpal device with a DSL line filter, and telephone adapter for DSL Internet customers. For customers unable to purchase zenpals online, Zenring uses a network of Champions for local sales, distribution and support in foreign countries. The Zenring service is being offered free with no additional fees, monthly or annual subscriptions to users.

About Zenring:
Zenring is a privately held VoIP startup based in Palo Alto, CA. The company provides long distance and international calling services that allows users to make free mobile-to-mobile, mobile-to-PC, PC-to-mobile, and PC-to-PC calls through a simple zenpal USB device. Zenring also provides a first of its kind web voice and video messaging directly from any browsers for social networking. Go Mobile, Go Global, and Go Free at http://www.zenring.com.


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