Releases Flagship Product JOEBEES(TM); a Daily All Natural 'Free Range' Bee Pollen Supplement That Boosts the Immune System

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JOEBEES(TM) is the first company to provide a 'free range' all natural bee pollen supplement. These unique bee pollen filled capsules provide 'Total Nutrition' to support every cell in the body. JOEBEES(TM) also provides an increase in energy levels, including greater stamina and overall strength.

The founder of JOEBEES(TM), Joe Blumenstein, (Joe B. for short), is officially releasing his JOEBEES(TM) 'free range' bee pollen product today, January 31st, 2008.

Joe B.'s inspiration was sparked when he discovered that his body and energy levels were declining after turning 50 last year. Joe B. realized his body was changing at an extremely rapid pace. He heard a news program state "that bee pollen was a good source of natural energy and that it promoted overall good health." Could bee pollen be the answer?

"I couldn't do all the things I did when I was 20. I still enjoy life and sports and want to stay in shape and feel good. I noticed significant changes in my appearance and how I felt. I had more stamina, more spring in my step in the morning, and now I feel as if I have a new lease on life. I'm full of energy, enjoying long stretches of stamina and stronger immune system. I discovered that the pollen I had been taking was 'not produced under the best environmental conditions.' This led me to search the health food and vitamin stores for pure, pristine pollen -- as the nutrients would be become absorbed by my body sooner. I couldn't find a one," says Joe B.

Joe B. realized that pollen from a sparkling clean, healthy environment would be a greater benefit to the body and when he finally found it, sure enough, he was right. Sourced the world over searching for this pure bee pollen took him to the ends of the earth. He finally wound up in Canada's North Woods, near Alaska; the purest and most pristine lands rarely traveled by man. He discovered not only the best tasting and sweetest bee pollen, but some of the world's most nutritious and purest pollen. The bees work free-range amongst thousands of acres of Alfalfa and Wildflowers a prime habitat, creating an amazingly pure bee pollen.

There is also a Special Process that Joe B. discovered along the way. The Bee-Keeper rolls his pollen to break down the cell-wall to make all its minerals, vitamins and amino acids more fully available to one's system. Pollen supports every cell in the body, and that is important to know.

Joe B. wanted all his friends and family to feel as good as he did. Joe B. wanted to share the good news with his friends and family to help them feel better, build their stamina and increase their energy, so he brought this great discovery to them, and now he brings it to North America.

Joe B. expresses, "I wanted all of North America to feel as great as I do, so I put up my own money to produce this amazing 'free range' bee pollen product. In this day and age of high stress, lack of sleep, and poor nutrition, people need to feel great. What better way than to provide a 100% pure natural supplement, packed full of nutrition at a reasonable cost."

JOEBEES(TM) offers these distinct benefits;

  • multi vitamin source
  • energy
  • stamina
  • boosted immune sysyem
  • 100% natural-feel great is a progressive natural health e-tailer focused on providing health solutions in a responsible manner. THe flagship product JOEBEES(TM) is offered online in one to six month supply increments. Joe Blumenstein(Joe B.) personally oversees the operation and offers an unconditional 100% money back guarantee. is based in Pembroke Pines, FL. USA Please feel free to visit for additional information.


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