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YOUAND.ME free dating site launches baby morphing feature

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Actually, my sweetie is about what I'd imagine my ideal baby would look like

The YOUAND.ME free dating site has just given birth to a new feature, YOUAND.ME MAKE BABIES, and it offers this proprietary morphing technology on the http://www.YOUAND.ME site for its members to have fun and make virtual babies with other members or anyone else. All you need to do is load their photos as well as yours and you get the chance to create a virtual baby in 9 seconds, not 9 months.

Curious to get an idea how the love creations of you and your potential match will look? Guess no longer. YOUAND.ME is the first online dating site to launch a partner morphing tool. Soon, the site also will allow members to morph with their favorite celebrities. You have to make sure their photos are in the public domain and YOUAND.ME encourages its members to morph with only single celebs. Sorry, Brad Pitt, Jessica Alba, Denzel Washington, Angelina Jolie, Adriana Lima, Beyonce, Tom Brady, Gisele Bundchen and J-Lo are already taken. But we understand Li-Lo (Lindsay Lohan), Rihanna, George Clooney, Shrek, Jennifer Aniston, and Madonna are available - at least for now.

YOUAND.ME offers free online dating. The Make Babies feature comprises proprietary technology that does not mix and create images to make a photo-hybrid baby picture. Instead, it utilizes identification and recognition technology to detect specific facial traits and features for creating a virtual baby's face that resembles the morphing of these features.

To get the best results from the YOUAND.ME MAKE BABIES morphing feature, you should upload a clear frontal photo. Then you will need to upload the best facial frontal image of your co-creator, then you will need to select a name and a gender. You can also make modifications with regard to ethnicity and race; and you even get the chance to ''recreate your baby'', if you're not completely satisfied with his or her appearance. To morph with members on the YOUAND.ME free dating site, you will need to right click on a member's photo, save it, then upload it as Parent 1 or Parent 2. Next, you get to choose a name, gender, and the desired ethnicity or the default of 90% detection rate.

YOUAND.ME requests that morphing members be responsible parents and make as many babies as members desire, but the YOUAND.ME team advises daddy and mommy morphers to give their virtual YOUAND.ME babies the care and devotion they deserve.

YOUAND.ME is setting up a college fund for all virtual YOUAND.ME Babies, as the team firmly believes in providing the best opportunities for the YOUAND.ME Children. The site is also holding a contest for the "most beautiful" YOUAND.ME virtual baby of the month, and it will donate $100 to UNICEF in the YOUAND.ME virtual baby's name.

Several of YOUAND.ME's 35,000 members have already morphed and given birth to beautiful YOUAND.ME virtual members. One member, who wishes to remain anonymous, beams with joy when speaking about her virtual child. "Actually, my sweetie is about what I'd imagine my ideal baby would look like," she states. "I'm a little nervous as a novice virtual mommy, and I've yet to break the news to the virtual daddy."

Since launching the baby morphing feature on the http://www.YOUAND.ME free dating site, members have given birth to over 500 virtual babies. Attached are some photos from the YOUAND.ME play room.

The YOUAND.ME online dating site pays for all the baby delivery expenses - as everything on YOUAND.ME is completely free - connecting, blogging, gaming, uploading, video chat, messaging, dating, morphing, and even having virtual babies. So welcome to http://www.YOUAND.ME and start connecting and morphing with that special someone. Magic happens everyday at YOUAND.ME and it strives to make your dream come true.

Helle Staal
Intermedia APS for YOUAND.ME


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