Britain Is Standing by for a Blast of Cold Weather Reports

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Current weather forecasts have predicted widespread snowfall across the UK. A dramatic drop in temperature over the last week has led many weather forecasters, including the BBC to predict snow and ice in January after an unseasonably warm winter.

deicing salt

People will need deicing salt to clear the roads and pavements of ice in the imminent cold temperatures

Long range weather forecasts models are looking correct with colder weather for the UK from mid-January to February as colder weather settles in.

The BBC and have forecast snow and freezing temperatures nationwide by early next week. The recent and sudden drop in temperature has taken many people by surprise having had an uncharacteristically warm and wet winter in comparison with previous years.

Resultantly, by New Year's Eve the Met Office confirmed that 2012 was the second wettest year on record, only surpassed by the year 2000 with 6.6mm more rainfall. The weather created flooding around areas such as Devon and Cornwall. According to, the reason for the wetter weather is the position of the jet stream, which is currently settled straight over the UK, commonly bringing wetter weather fronts from the west.

However, many people are more concerned with the weather 2013 will bring. Previous years have seen extremely cold weather conditions, a trend 2012 appeared to buck.

Alongside analysis of recent weather, forecasts a change in conditions for early 2013. Snow showers are predicted from the middle of January onwards in northern areas, as the milder temperatures drop and wetter weather fronts stop short of the UK.

Long range weather forecasts models are looking correct with colder weather for the UK from mid-January to February as colder weather settles in. Blocking is the slowing of the jet stream, due high levels of sea-ice melting in the Arctic summer. When blocking occurs weather fronts linger over the UK longer than usual, with the jet stream lacking the strength to move them on. The result is colder temperatures and heavy snowfall.

Whilst it's likely that snow will affect the UK within the next three days, also noted a distinct possibility of the country's first widespread snowfall occurring as early as mid-January, this has been confirmed today by their analysis of the latest forecast models from the UK Met Office and the European Centre For Medium-Range Weather Forecasting.

Councils prepared for snow heavily over the winter of 2012, with de-icing salt and grit made widely available. More locally, larger numbers of snow wardens have been recruited, each equipped with snow shovels and their own supplies of deicing salt and winter essentials for their assigned areas, helping reassure communities about the approaching cold fronts. Councils are now working with the UK Met Office, producing online videos to help people prepare for sudden snow and ice in 2013. These videos offer advice on how to stay warm and safe during and after widespread snow, providing sensible advice. are an online wholesaler based in the UK. They have a wide range of products available for retailers to purchase, including winter goods that are perfect for the imminent weather such as wholesale deicer. Among their best lines are their snow shovels and white de-icing salt, helping individuals avoid injury in the ice and snow.

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