Etavonni Products and FrozenPeaz Hot and Cold Packs Show Entrepreneurialism in America is not Dead

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Not your typical technology start-up story, FrozenPeaz Flexible Hot & Cold Packs show that Main Street still makes things.

FrozenPeaz Large Joint PeazPod Wrap for knees, lower back, shoulder

Large Joint PeazPod™ Wrap. Icing down after a workout can reduce recovery time and dramatically effect performance. This wrap delivers 360° of cold comfort for your knee. Other shapes/sizes available.

As I threw away yet another mushy bag of peas, the light-bulb came on. There has to be a way to combine the conform-ability of peas with added benefits of existing hot and cold packs. - MaryCarol Dolivier

As economic results demonstrate, we still face a dysfunctional and unstable business environment. Uncertainty like this can have a pernicious effect on business, inhibiting risk and stifling creativity. This is evident in a recent study by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics which reports that the number of newly established businesses peaked in 2006 and has been in sharp decline ever since. It is frequently said that entrepreneurs and small business play a vital role in the growth of the U.S. economy. With all these negative indicators, is the American Dream of Entrepreneurialism fading?

Proof is in the Peaz
With the launch of FrozenPeaz® Flexible Hot & Cold Packs, Etavonni™ (Innovate backwards!) Products proves that even in the these tough times of market volatility and global financial instability innovators continue to design, develop and bring to market patent pending breakthrough products.

Show Me The Money
When most people hear the term "start-up," they imagine college kids locked in a garage developing the next Facebook or Apple and becoming billionaires by thirty. You may be surprised to learn that technology start-ups only represent less than a third of new business initiatives. For aspiring product developers, the unfortunate reality is that a significant portion of funding and incubator resources is funneled to technology start-ups. Traditional entrepreneurs still rely on a perilous combination of personal savings, credit cards and contributions from family and friends.

Who Are the Non-Tech Innovators?
Real people with real problems. After falling down the stairs, MaryCarol Dolivier, co-founder of FrozenPeaz® Products, went to the freezer and was confronted with the usual suspects: a gel pack, ice, or a bag of frozen peas. “As I threw away yet another mushy bag of peas, the light-bulb came on. There has to be a way to combine the conform-ability of frozen peas with added benefits of reusable hot and cold packs.” If the best innovation comes out of real problems or real pain, FrozenPeaz are another shining example. Two years after her trip down the stairs and lots of kitchen counter prototypes later, FrozenPeaz are challenging the status quo of traditional options for hot and cold packs, proving that innovation is about looking beyond convention.

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Work Hard. Persevere. Network. Repeat.
Entrepreneurship has never been easy and it is even harder in today’s shaky fast-paced marketplace. In a recent interview about SharkTank, Mark Cuban commented that, "Everyone has ideas, most don't do the work required to get the job done." While hard work and dedication are key ingredients, Richard Branson notes in a blog post for, that success requires a little luck as well. Arthur Blackwood, co-founder of FrozenPeaz® couldn’t agree more. “Self belief, relentless pursuit, and a little luck are the gateway towards success. We were lucky to find Mid-Continent Packaging; lucky to receive executive support from a large company like DuPont; lucky to make connections with Canning Inc who helped us get the attention of the right buyer at Walgreens.”

Does It Really Come Down to Good Fortune?
Luck is the residue of hard work. Any successful businessperson will tell you, it is all about networking. There is no ‘right’ time to start a business. The key is to get out and talk to people. Lucky stars notwithstanding, what makes established companies like DuPont or Mid-Continent Packaging willing to support entrepreneurial endeavors?

Steve Epstein of Mid-Continent Packaging comments, “We live in a discount society where everything has been reduced to a commodity. That being said, the only way to attract business is to provide exceptional service while charging a fair price. Personally, I enjoy the challenge of helping people execute their ideas if I believe Mid-Continent Packaging can bring value to the equation. In this case, we were able to leverage our considerable experience with flexible packaging and some state-of-the-art ultrasonic sealing technologies from Rinco that we have to help MaryCarol and Arthur realize their dream. I’ve seen a lot of ideas over the years but this is one that has it all…it solves a common problem easily and very cost effectively, is a pleasure to use, and has the added benefit of IP Protection in the form of a pending patent.”

"It has been a lot of fun working with Etavonni on FrozenPeaz", says David Wood, product director for DuPont Tate & Lyle BioProducts, LLC. "MaryCarol's & Arthur's passion and excitement for their product is contagious. I really think the concept is a homerun." DuPont Tate & Lyle supplies, Zemea®, the key ingredient in the Clear Ice™ cold pack solution. Zemea® is a safe glycol alternative made from renewable raw materials and has unique properties ideal for this application.

Many people think there are no opportunities outside of the technology sector for transformational ideas. Products like FrozenPeaz®, and supportive companies like DuPont and MidContinent demonstrate that not only is entrepreneurialism in America still alive and well, but people on Main Street still make things.

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ABOUT FrozenPeaz Hot & Cold Therapy
FrozenPeaz® patent pending hot and cold packs deliver flexible hot and cold therapy to relieve pain and assist in recovery from minor injuries or post-surgery rehabilitation. PeazPod™ therapy wraps maintain the healing temperature while maximizing comfort. The straps provide customizable compression while holding the wrap in place, enabling moderate physical activity and movement. PeazPod wraps are available in 6 different shapes to conform to various parts of the body. Just like frozen vegetables, PeazPak™ therapy packs are non-toxic. The plant-based Clear Ice™ Solution is a 100% natural alternative to petroleum and glycerin based gels. Relieve pain. Reduce swelling. Recover faster. FrozenPeaz®.

About Mid-Continent Packaging
Mid-Continent Packaging is located in Enid, OK. They specialize in blending and filling liquid, powder, and tablet products across a broad spectrum of industries including Personal Care, HBA, Water Treatment, and Consumer Products. They have a robust Quality System based on cGMP and work with customers from the largest Consumer Products companies down to the smallest entrepreneurs launching new products. For more information, please visit

About DuPont
DuPont Tate & Lyle Bio Products is a joint venture between DuPont, a global science company, and Tate & Lyle, a world-leading renewable food and industrial ingredients company. DuPont Tate & Lyle

Bio Products provides natural and renewably sourced ingredients that do not compromise product performance. For more information on the company’s products, visit

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