Capitalizing on Carnations by Fundraising with Flowers from The Grower's Box

Faced with tight budgets this year, many organizations are looking at fundraising with flowers to cover the cost of their holiday celebrations.

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Wholesale Flowers & Carnations by The Grower's Box

Armed with a limited budget and a desire to make some memorable events, many organizations are fundraising with flowers to leverage the monies they have available to cover the cost of their upcoming festivities.

Winston-Salem, NC (PRWEB) September 27, 2012

With fall in full swing, many schools, churches and other organizations are looking at small budgets and a calendar full of events and holidays covering the next several months. Armed with a limited budget and a desire to make some memorable events, many organizations are fundraising with flowers to leverage the monies they have available to cover the cost of their upcoming festivities.

Flowers have always been widely used for fundraisers both large and small. With relatively little cost up front, organizations can purchase wholesale flowers at discount prices and make a healthy profit.

WIth thousands of varieties of wholesale flowers to choose from, many customers lean towards Carnations as their flower of choice. Carnations are hardy flowers which require little effort and can generate high returns.

Carnations are some of the longest-lasting wholesale flowers on the market. They are hardy flowers which can handle being out of water for several hours without wilting and are ideal for school and church fundraisers where customers purchase the flowers and then take them home.

Carnations are ideal for organizations with limited resources. Unlike many other varieties of wholesale flowers, Carnations require very little by way of flower care. Upon arrival, flowers simply need to be cut and placed in water - no refrigeration needed!

Roses, Gerbera Daisies and other similar wholesale flowers can be quite pricey when sold by the stem. Once labor and material costs are calculated, there often isn’t too much room for profit - especially when trying to stay at an affordable price-point. Carnations on the other hand are a relatively inexpensive flower which, with little effort, can be sold for a great profit.

Many organizations turn to online companies like The Grower’s Box as a source for wholesale flowers and Carnations. The Grower’s Box operates a farm-direct floral operation where all of their wholesale flowers are shipped directly from flower farms to customers - thereby eliminating the middleman. Purchasing flowers in this manner often allows customers to purchase wholesale flowers at discount prices as The Grower’s Box can pass along additional savings which are typically consumed by costs associated with inventory, overhead and labor and management fees.

The Grower’s Box, LLC was founded in 2004 and is one of the leading online suppliers of wholesale flowers online. The company employs state of the art technology and the most efficient shipping solutions to deliver world-class wholesale flowers directly from the flower farms to customers. The inseparable combination of top notch customer service and superior flower quality are distinguishing factors which place The Grower’s Box far ahead of other suppliers of wholesale flowers.

For more information on wholesale flowers and Carnations, visit The Grower’s Box online at



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