"Desperate Outcry By GACE Test Taker Drives New Innovation In GACE Study Guides"

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As Test Anxiety Is Blamed As A Major Player In Georgia's Certified Teacher Shortage, Teaching Solutions Introduces Test Prep Material Designed To Propel GACE Test Takers To Instant Success.

It's no surprised that many GACE test takers felt as though they were entering the exam room completely blind to what would be on the test

Teaching Solutions, the leading provider of study guides and exam coaching, has just released a new comprehensive system engineered for the needs of GACE test takers - and future certified teachers in Georgia are thrilled with the results.

Future Teachers Left Stranded By GACE Test Switch

The GACE - otherwise known as the Georgia Assessments for the Certification of Educators - was recently introduced as a state-specific replacement for the Praxis II test. However, future teachers studying to receive their certification and finally realize their dreams of teaching could never get an accurate set of GACE test practice questions or quality GACE study guides.

"It's no surprised that many GACE test takers felt as though they were entering the exam room completely blind to what would be on the test," Georgia certified teacher Jan Neil says. "By making the switch from the Praxis II tests - which had plenty of preparation material and study guides to choose from - to the GACE, it's no surprise that many test takers failed on their first attempt."

It was this exact switch that left many GACE test takers frustrated and nervous about taking the exam, as they were left in the dark regarding the materials tested, along with the format of the exam. Additionally, many test prep publishing companies rushed too quickly to publish supplemental study guides for the GACE, leaving future Georgia teachers with too simplistic guides and practice tests riddled with errors.

GACE Test Takers Penalized For Lack Of Available Study Material

It is no wonder then that GACE test takers feel penalized for the lack of high-quality study guides on the market today - and the resulting test anxiety is causing a shortage of certified teachers within the state of Georgia. According to a study by George Washington University, anxiety has debilitating psychological, behavioral and physiological effects that can significantly reduce test performance: "As a result of test anxiety, you might have difficulty reading and understanding questions, organizing thoughts and retrieving key words or concepts. GACE test takers might also experience mental blocking, which means going blank on questions that you remember the correct answers to as soon as the exam is over."

Teaching Solutions' Answer To The GACE Study Guide Shortage

This dearth in high-quality study guides led to the development of Teaching Solutions' "7 Day GACE Test Comprehensive Success System". By combining high-quality GACE study guides with in-depth coaching from previous test takers, those who've followed this new and innovative system have seen their pass rates skyrocket to 87.3%, according to third-party statistics.

The "7 Day GACE Comprehensive Success System" is unique from other test prep material in that it combines practice tests, study guides and coaching to give test takers the peace of mind, confidence and competence they need to ace their GACE test. This system does it all: test readiness assessment, the ability to pinpoint trouble spots and customized "GACE test success" plans that will maximize limited test prep time. Additionally, test takers can significantly reduce debilitating test anxiety thanks to the thorough preparation that the "7 Day GACE Comprehensive Success System" provides.

"At the end of the day, test anxiety doesn't just affect the test taker - it affects the whole state of Georgia, where both public and private schools are in desperate need of high-quality certified teachers," says Neil.

About Teaching Solutions:

Georgia teachers at Teaching Solutions can best teach you what you need to succeed with GACE test coaching. A cookie-cutter study guide can't give you human help when burning GACE test help questions invariably come up. For more resources, real test content and mirror-like test questions to turbo-boost your score to the passing zone go to the Teaching Solutions website. They now are offering a special guarantee Pass your GACE test in 7 days or your 100% money back right now.


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