Holiday Inn Express Reduces Natural Gas Consumption by 42%

A Tucson Holiday Inn Express was able to reduce their natural gas consumption by 42%, and decrease drying time by 20% using EZ-Efficiency’s product the BiO-Therm. This has reduced utility overhead costs, lowered the hotel’s carbon footprint, and increased laundry employee’s productivity by shortening dryer cycle times.

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Reducing Net facility energy costs BiO-Therm Manufacturers

The BiO-Therm reduced dryer Natural Gas consumption by an average 42.5%.

Tuscon, AZ (PRWEB) October 22, 2012

The Holiday Inn Express at 620 E Wetmore in Tucson AZ, installed EZ-Efficiency’s BiO-Therm in an effort to reduce energy expenses and minimize their carbon footprint. This successfully reduced Natural Gas consumption by 42%, and decreased drying time by 20%.

The Holiday Inn Express at 620 E Wetmore in Tucson AZ wanted to reduce energy costs while positively effecting the environment. An extensive product evaluation process ended with the selection of the BiO-Therm.
The BiO-Therm is a unique patent pending energy savings add-on to commercial laundry dryers which increases efficiency by leveraging EZ-Efficiency’s “gas stepping” technology.

Pilot test results showed a potential for large scale energy savings and shortened working cycles for each dryer system even in this historically difficult technology area.

The two phase testing process lasted for a month and was directly monitored by representatives of the Holiday Inn Express w and independent test observers.

  •     Phase One –Two weeks of baseline gas consumption readings captured
  •     Phase Two – Two weeks of gas consumption readings captured with the BiO-Therm system installed

Results: The BiO-Therm reduced dryer Natural Gas consumption by an average 42.5%.

Anyone interested in learning more about the BiO-Therm can visit

About EZ-Efficiency, LLC

EZ-Efficiency is family owned and operated in Sierra Vista, AZ and is dedicated to helping our customers reduce their net facility energy costs. We have over 50 years combined experience in automated facility management, environmental systems HVAC, and complex computer systems. We leveraged this experience to develop the BiO-Therm system and have now deployed this technology to several hundred dryers nationwide.

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