Gas Price Prediction for Long Island, New York via E-mail Every Day

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Subscribers can receive the next day's gas prices for Long Island, New York via e-mail every business day commencing Monday, August 3. Subscriptions to this and eight other localities' forecasts, as well as a national forecast, are available from

We've been publishing our forecasts for several small cities, and even for a couple of big cities, for several months now

Starting Monday, August 3, Long Islanders will be able to save money on gasoline by knowing in advance how much gas will cost tomorrow. If the price of gas is going up, they will know to fill up on the way home from work. Or if gas is going down, they can wait one more day and pay less to fill up tomorrow.

Subscribers in eight other localities across the United States have been taking advantage of the uncanny insights of the daily "Gas Predictor" newsletter from for months, and now it's Long Island's turn.

The Web site is accepting subscriptions now, for daily delivery to start on Monday afternoon, August 3. But hurry. Only 2,000 subscriptions are issued for each locality, and when they're gone, they're gone. has a remarkable record of accuracy. The national edition of the "Gas Predictor" newsletter, which has predicted the direction of movement of gas prices in the U.S. as a whole every business day since November, 2008, has been correct 100% of the time. The eight local editions predict not only whether gas prices will move up or down, but the precise range of prices within a few cents. Local editions for Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Nashua (NH), Oakland, Raleigh, San Diego, and Tampa have a better than 99% success rate in predicting whether subscribers would save money by buying gas today or waiting until tomorrow.

The predictions are only accurate for one business day in advance. can tell you how much gas will cost in Long Island tomorrow, but not next month.

Subscribers receive the forecasts in their e-mail each business day in the afternoon, in plenty of time to decide whether to fill up on the way home from work. These forecasts are also posted on the Web site each workday morning, but that only gives a few hours notice, and in fact, the price may already have gone up before the prediction is published on the Web.

Subscribers to the national edition can convert to any new local editions as they become available, and they even get advance notice of new editions. For example, subscribers knew about the upcoming Long Island edition about two weeks ago. Therefore, many of the limited number of subscriptions have already been filled even before the Long Island edition was available to the public.

The team is very excited about the new Long Island edition, according to Chuck Bonner, lead analyst. "We've been publishing our forecasts for several small cities, and even for a couple of big cities, for several months now," Bonner says, "but there's something special about New York."

When asked about future editions, Bonner said, "We're committed to publishing local editions of the 'Gas Predictor' for each of the twelve localities that go into our national forecast before the end of the year, and we're on track to do that. Beyond that, we'll follow a combination of what our subscribers are asking for and what localities actually lend themselves to our forecasting algorithm."

Asked to elaborate on that last point, Bonner stated, "New York City itself, for example, is just too big and dynamic a market for our mathematical models. We've been trying for months, but our success rate is just not satisfactory. There are other cities, too, where we just don't like the results we get, and we won't publish a 'Gas Predictor' until we're sure we've got it right."

Annual and quarterly subscriptions to the Daily Gas Predictor email newsletter are available exclusively through the Web site, at

See Tomorrow's Gas Price Prediction for Long Island, or subscribe to the Gas Predictor newsletter to see tomorrow's gas prices today.

About publishes predictions of retail gas prices one day in advance via e-mail to subscribers, and several hours in advance on its Web site. Visit the Gas Predictor Web site for gas-saving tips and delayed daily forecasts of this afternoon's pump prices, or subscribe to get the forecast of tomorrow's gas price before you go home from work.


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