L.A. Bariatrics at Marina Del Rey Hospital Will Hold Gastric Plication Seminar October 29 at 10:00 AM.

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As part of an ongoing effort to share information on medical weight-loss options with the public, LA Bariatrics will conduct a seminar on gastric plication surgery, a new type of weight-loss operation that is growing in popularity.

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Reducing the capacity of the stomach allows the patient to feel full with less food, making it easier to control hunger and eat healthy portions

As obesity affects more and more Americans, and the medical community devotes more resources to fighting its effects, new medical techniques are continually being developed and refined. The new gastric plication procedure represents the latest such innovation in weight-loss surgery available to morbidly obese adults.

In the gastric plication, the surgeon reduces the size of the stomach by folding it over itself and suturing the folds. "Reducing the capacity of the stomach allows the patient to feel full with less food, making it easier to control hunger and eat healthy portions,” said Dr. Jeremy Korman, Medical Director and bariatric surgeon at LA Bariatrics .

This procedure can also be combined with the popular LAP-BAND® surgery. “This combination can accelerate initial weight loss after surgery, as well as potentially reducing the risk of certain complications, such as lap-band slippage,” said Dr. Korman. “The plication can also be an option for patients who have previously had the lap-band and desire to lose additional weight.”

Both the plication and the combination plication/lap-band procedures are performed laparoscopically, meaning that the surgeon uses a specially designed camera to view the abdomen's interior and slim tools inserted through small incisions to perform the surgery. This usually means a shorter recovery time and less risk of complications.

The end result is a stomach which is roughly the size and shape of a small banana. Patients eat small meals, prioritizing vitamin-rich and protein-packed foods.

"It's important to pay attention to protein in particular," said LA Bariatrics dietitian Julie Oldenburg. "You can't eat as much, but you still have to get enough protein and vitamins, so meal planning becomes much more important. That's my primary role at the clinic: to provide follow-up care and education so that people can make healthy eating choices and reach their weight loss goals."

The seminar will take place at 10 a.m. Oct. 29 in LA Bariatrics' facility at Marina Del Rey Hospital. Seminar attendees will learn important information about the procedure. Topics will include determining whether a patient is a good surgery candidate, what to expect before and after the procedure, insurance coverage, and more. The LA Bariatrics staff will also be available to answer questions.

Registration is available on LA Bariatrics' website or you can at Call (800) 491-1977 for more information.

About L.A. Bariatrics & Dr. Jeremy Korman
Dr. Jeremy Korman is the medical director of L.A. Bariatrics and a leading expert in the field of bariatric medicine, and he has successfully performed over 1,000 weight loss surgical procedures on patients from all over the United States. Dr. Korman and his multidisciplinary team focus on helping patients to realize their weight loss goals and achieve better health. L.A. Bariatrics, located at Marina Del Rey Hospital, is certified by the American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery as a Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence, confirming that its staff has extensive, specialized experience and that the facility has passed rigorous inspections. The L.A. Bariatrics team combines exceptional surgical outcomes with nutritional, psychosocial and exercise support for all patients within the program.


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