Gay Leadership Project: Gay Men To Be Role Models For Superb Health, Financial Independence And Loving Relationships - says Angelo - Gay Life Coach And Gay Matchmaker

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Can a gay matchmaker from Miami turn into a visionary? Paul Angelo MHA, MBA offers a compelling vision for financial, health and relationship success for gay men in the U.S. and world-wide. The Gay Leadership Project is the beginning of something big - says Angelo.

Gay Leadership Project by a gay matchmaker and a gay relationship coach Paul Angelo, MHA, MBA

Gay Leadership Project by a gay matchmaker and a gay relationship coach Paul Angelo, MHA, MBA

The absence of leadership and role models in the gay community leads to lack of identity, purpose and direction for gay men.

Paul Angelo, the gay matchmaker and gay life coach offers a new vision for gay men. In 5 years, Angelo sees gay men to be role models for superb health, financial independence and loving relationships.

The Problem

The absence of leadership and role models in the gay community leads to lack of identity, purpose and direction for gay men. There is no compelling vision for the future that serves as the motivation to change the old mindsets about sexuality that permeate the gay lifestyle. Gay men need a new vision that catapults the gay community into a more fulfilling and meaningful future.

The evidence for the problem is easily seen in gay media channels and by listening to the opinions of heterosexuals about gay men. A person can come to a Pride Parade and witness the demonstration of sexual acts, eroticism and sexual innuendo instead of being presented with new ideas and inspiration to live a meaningful and purposeful life.

"In many metropolitan areas, 1 out of 3 gay men are HIV +, 95% of all relationships don't last, and gay men spend a disproportionate amount of time searching for sexual experiences, instead of learning how to become financially independent, have stable relationships and learn how to relate to one another better" says Angelo.

It is important to act now because sex-centered lifestyle doesn't work any longer. Love, happiness, good health and financial independence require more than sexual compatibility. In addition, the world is changing faster than ever and the economic and social hardship will only get worse in the coming years. By acting now, gay men can get a head start in creating the ultimate lifestyle and in enjoying the benefits of a loving partner, successful career and a healthy lifestyle.

The Solution

The solution is the Gay Leadership Project where gay men learn about gay sexuality, gay health issues, business concepts and gay relationships. Specifically, gay men will learn how to incorporate sexuality into daily life, how to lose weight and stay fit, how to start and run a business and how to create a loving relationship.

Gay Leadership Project serves as a coaching platform for meeting and interacting with other gay men who are interested in personal development, financial independence, fulfilling careers and loving relationships.

The Gay Leadership Project is a partnership between gay life coaches, therapists, psychologists, personal trainers and gay business leaders to bring the latest research and innovation in gay living to all participants.

Call To Action

To participate in the Gay Leadership Program or to join the leadership team, please visit the website at

About Gay Matchmaker and Gay Relationship Coach Paul Angelo MHA, MBA:

Paul Angelo, originally from Poland, lived in Chicago for 10 years, moved to Miami, quit his job as a health IT manager to become the world's first gay matchmaker for gay men over 40.

Paul Angelo combines the knowledge of psychology, self-management, strategy, persuasion and communication to help gay men over 40 leverage relationships to live the ultimate lifestyle and live a life that is unlimited in potential.

Since starting in 2009, Angelo has taken on multiple clients that had previously seen no hope for a relationship and within 6 months found a partner and moved in together.

By combining strategy, persuasion and psychology, Angelo helps gay men over 40 see a relationship as a sequence of steps that carry a different requirement and which can be taught to anyone who is willing to learn and change.

Those willing to learn can see a significant result just weeks from working with Paul and video testimonials to that affect are available for anyone to see on Paul's website.

If you'd like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Paul Angelo please call Paul Angelo at 954-736-9763 or e-mail Paul at PaulAngelo33(at)gmail(dot)com. You can also visit Paul's website at

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