Powder Coated Wood Manufacturer Reveals More Details About its Wood Powder Coating Process

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GCC Coatings is working to fill the knowledge gap about its powder coated wood services for potential clients and customers. The company recently released a brand new article which delves into greater detail about the powder coating process.

Wood parts hang on a moving conveyor while being sprayed

Wood part receiving a powder coat

Powder coating metal requires the substrate to be conductive and also intense heat. Folks want to know how we account for and cope with those things because we’re dealing with a material that is not naturally conductive and does not do well under heat.

Manufacturers have had the capability to spray a powder finish on wood for some time now. A quick internet search, however, would make one wonder otherwise. Few of those manufacturers are taking the initiative to provide adequate information about the process as well as the features and benefits of powder as a finish option.

Powder coated wood manufacturer, GCC Coatings (http://www.PowderCoatMDF.com), is one company bucking the trend by making information available about its process to the public, however. The company is building a virtual library of articles revealing intricate details about how powder coating works.

The latest article being released by the manufacturer, ‘What Makes the Powder Stick to Wood’, explores the science behind getting a powder finish to actually stick to the wood. Readers are given an in depth look at the three major factors that go into actually making that happen.

“It’s one of those frequently asked questions that folks bring up after first finding out we are able to powder coat wood,” said GCC Coatings Estimator Bart Maddrell. “Most of them know that powder coating metal requires the substrate to be conductive (to attract the electrostatically charged powder particles) and also intense heat. They want to know how we account for and cope with those things because we’re dealing with a material that is not naturally conductive and does not do well under heat.”

GCC Coatings has been offering its powder coated wood services to manufacturers in various industries for several years now. The powder coating system was originally installed by parent company Greenberg Casework Company Inc. The original intent was to give GCC Coatings sister company, RedLine Garagegear (http://www.RedLineGaragegear.com), more control over the quality of the powder coated wood garage cabinets it sells to homeowners in the United States and Canada. A short time later, GCC Coatings was founded to fulfill the growing demand for an alternative wood coating option for manufacturers in other industries.

The parent company, Greenberg Casework Company Inc., has been building custom cabinets and casework since 1985. Over the past three decades the company has designed, produced, and installed its products in department stores, hospitals, schools, condominiums, and various other facilities.

About a decade ago Greenberg Casework Company Inc. entered the consumer market with high end wood powder coated garage cabinets under the brand name RedLine Garagegear. That line is sold through a network of agents in the U.S. and Canada or direct to consumers in areas where an authorized dealer is not available.

GCC Coatings plans to continue releasing educational articles for the benefit of customers and clients as well as the general public. The company insists that customers learn more about the features, benefits, and powder coating process before deciding to use it as a finish option. They offer a free sample kit so others can see examples of the powder finish up close. Interested parties can sign up for the samples on their website.

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