Aroma Patch Helps Dieters Lose Weight by Controlling Their Cravings

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A new aroma patch, containing a highly-complex formula of scent molecules that control cravings for sugary foods, has become the latest front in the battle against obesity.

For years, doctors have been searching for an easier way to help dieters drop excess pounds. The answer may have been sitting under their noses all along. A new aroma patch, containing a highly-complex formula of scent molecules, has become the latest front in the battle against obesity.

The technology behind the small patch is based on the simple theory that smell determines 95% of our taste sensations. Regular smelling of the aroma patch saturates the brain’s smell receptors which influence the aspects of behavior that controls our cravings for food.

The biggest drawback of most diets is the time it takes to initially stabilize the body’s blood sugar levels. Research shows that the majority of people typically break their weight loss program after just three or four days, resulting in binge eating. Getting used to the constant satisfied feeling of a diet without the peaks that the refined foods deliver can take a week or more. That’s where the new aroma patch comes in – helping dieters stick to their weight loss plan at the most difficult time.

The patch is based on the popular Glycemic Index, developed more than 20 years ago to help diabetics manage their blood sugar levels. The Glycemic Index, or GI, ranks foods from 1 – 100. Foods with a high GI (70 and above) are digested and metabolized quickly, causing a sharp rise and then a rapid drop in blood sugar. Low GI foods are digested slowly, keeping the blood sugar levels steady causing the dieter to feel fuller longer.

Studies show when used as part of a low GI program, the aroma patch helps reduce cravings for high GI foods, such as chocolate, French fries, breads, snack foods and sweet, fizzy drinks. The patch, which has been impregnated within a hypoallergenic adhesive, emits a pleasant scented aroma throughout the day. The patch is used for the first ten days of the diet or until the user gets their blood sugar levels under control.

Since the patch uses the sense of smell, its active ingredients are not absorbed through the skin into the bloodstream making them perfectly safe, non addictive and without any negative side effects on the user.

Award-winning inventor, Liz Paul, developed the GiDiet Aroma Patch following on the success of her company’s revolutionary Scentuelle Libido Patch. Paul has an extensive background in nutrition and her company, Medaro Medical Ltd, is a world leader in aromachology products.

The patch is worn on the hand or wrist and should be replaced every 24 hours. The patches cost $18.95 for a 10 day supply and can be purchased online from

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