How to Make Healthy Living Attainable for Teens

Health and fitness expert, Kim MacKenzie, founder of, combats teens’ health excuses in this month’s issue of Girls Life Magazine.

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Girls Life Magazine features Body Archer President, Kim MacKenzie

Kim MacKenzie combats teens' health excuses in Girls Life Magazine

We have to make good health seem attainable, especially to teens.

Burbank, CA (PRWEB) April 04, 2014

Ask a teen to do something and they’ll come up with every excuse not to do it. It’s no wonder, then, that teens have a multitude of excuses for not exercising regularly and eating healthy food. That’s why the popular teen magazine, “Girls Life,” chose to tackle teens excuses in their “No Excuses” health feature this month, citing major players in the health and fitness game, including Pilates pro & healthy living expert, Kim MacKenzie, president of Body Archer LLC, manufacturer of The Body Archer®.

“Being healthy does not have to be as daunting a task as some make it out to be,” says Kim, “Our cultural stereotype gives the impression that, unless you have a six-pack, or you are are a size zero, you juice daily, and never eat junk food, then that means you’re healthy. I believe more in the concept of balance.”

Kim’s balanced approach to health filters into all her wellness endeavors, including her company’s back stretching chair.

“What makes The Body Archer unique is that it makes staying fit and healthy more easily attainable. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is about making small changes. If you make enough small changes, they will eventually amount to a big change in your life. Whether it’s using a chair that allows you to get more movement throughout the day, like The Body Archer, or just drinking a couple extra glasses of water a day, you can stay healthy without being a fitness fanatic,” explains Kim, “We have to make good health seem easily attainable, especially to kids and teens.”

The Body Archer® was invented by a California certified massage therapist and has been developed for the retail market by Body Archer LLC founders Robert Wald & Kim MacKenzie to help millions of Americans relieve and prevent back pain. The doctor recommended Body Archer is handcrafted in the company’s home base of Los Angeles, California using high quality materials to create their thick comfortable foam arch, reinforced, sturdy wood undercarriage, anti-slip rubber rocking surfaces and antibacterial fabric. It's sold exclusively online at and The company’s mission is to produce an American made product that helps people lose their back pain and that educates consumers on the benefits of maintaining a strong core, a flexible body and spine, and a healthy, balanced life.