Three Florida Working Mothers Give Birth to Brainchild and Prove "Girls Night Out Will Never Be The Same"

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“Girls Night Out Will Never Be The Same” is an interactive party experience available exclusively online. A contemporary alternative to traditional female gatherings, the dynamic game play was developed by three Sarasota, Florida mothers looking for fun and much-needed stress relief.

Necessity may be the mother of invention, but three Florida working mothers have “given birth” to a necessity: Girls Night Out Will Never Be The Same. The interactive party experience was designed for women “who want an alternative to traditional female gatherings such as cocktail soirees, dinner parties, and sales-events-disguised-as-parties,” says Jodi White.

Mother’s Little Helper

White, along with Helen Beierlein and Michelle Everhart are the co-creators of Girls Night Out Will Never Be The Same. “We didn’t create the game because we wanted to sell it,” explains Everhart. “We created it because we need it!”

Working out of their homes in Sarasota, Florida, the three women were “being consumed by our busy lives,” says Beierlein. As they worked to raise children, pursue careers, and keep their households going, the women became aware that having it all and doing it all was taking its toll on them emotionally.

“We knew we needed a break,” says White. “And we realized that there was no better antidote to stress than our friendship!”

Making It Official

“We know from our own experience that being able to look forward to blowing off steam together once or twice a month was a huge comfort,” says White. “So we decided that we needed to ‘institutionalize’ our event.” The trio designated the last Friday of each month their official National Girl’s Night Out.”

“When we told other women about the idea, they loved it,” says Beierlein. The word spread and soon an informal ‘network’ of girls-night-outters was developing across Florida and the country.

The challenge for almost all the groups, however, was in finding something new and stimulating to do.

What’s the Plan, Fran?

“Very few women are party-planners by profession,” explains Everhart. She says that when it comes time to come up with an idea for a weekly get-together or a special event like a bachelorette party, “the hostess gets stressed out and probably takes the easy way out.” Everhart believes that the result is “yet another uninspired dinner party, a typical pub crawl, or another event that feels like the same-old, same-old.”

What should be special events are anything but.

“We wanted to make it easy for women everywhere to enjoy themselves and each other,” says White. “This desire led to the development of Girls Night Out Will Never Be The Same.

Different From the Rest

Unlike other “For the Girls” games, Girls Night Out Will Never Be the Same gets participants up-and-out of the house “where too many women are stuck wondering what to do for fun,” says White. “It’s a game for women to bond with their friends and go a little wild, too.”

The Girls Night Out Will Never Be the Same “party box” includes a deck of cards with words and phrases. The phrases go from silly (Groovy, baby) to sultry (succulent) to flat-out provocative (I’m dead sexy.) “The idea is to get a stranger to say them or to work them into a conversation,” says Beierlein. “It’s a great way to stimulate conversations and you can make it fun for people who are outgoing as well as people who are shy.”

Players also earn points with a series of truths, dares, and other unexpected activities including scavenger hunts. Aimed at women 18-35, “Girls Night Out Will Never Be The Same can be easily customized to fit any age group no matter who they are or where they are.”

“When women play Girls Night Out Will Never Be The Same, there’s no telling where things will lead,” laughs White. “And that’s a good thing. The results can be hilarious.”

And nothing combats stress better than laughter.

Girls Night Out Will Never Be the Same is available exclusively online at For more information, you may also contact Jodi White at 941-266-0492.

Girls Night Out Will Never Be The Same is the “brainchild” of three Florida working mothers, Jodi White, Helen Beierlein, and Michelle Everhart. They needed a break and believe that every other woman in the country does, too. The trio has declared the last Friday of each month National Girl’s Night Out. They have also developed the interactive party experience Girls Night Out Will Never Be The Same (patent pending) for women 18-35 (and up) to play on their special night out.

The game has affiliate marketing opportunities for Girls Night Out Will Never Be The Same. For additional information on the game, affiliate details, or for an interview, please contact Jodi White at 941-266-0492 or visit


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