Spring Tree Service Needed for Excessive Deadwood, Poor Leaf Development or, Any of the Top 5 Warning Signs of Health Problems According to Giroud Tree and Lawn

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A spring tree service inspection is needed for any tree with one of the Top 5 Warning Signs of health problems. Giroud Tree and Lawn provides the top five Spring warning signs for trees plus the actions Philadelphia homeowners can take to keep trees healthy and safe.

Fertilized versus unfertilized trees

Tree Fertilizer Treatments Work: (l to r) Trees on left have been fertilized and show growth and full canopy. Neighbor's tree was not fertilized and has stunted growth with a thinner canopy

Be on the alert for the top warning signs of poor tree health and take tree service action.

The signs that a tree has health problems and needs tree service are unmistakable. As we roll into Spring, trees with should be showing new bud and branch growth, eventually a full crown of lush green leaves. When a tree is under stress, it will: leaf out later than other trees of the same type, show excessive deadwood and poor leaf development. Giroud Tree and Lawn provides the top five Spring warning signs for trees and the tree service actions Philadelphia homeowners can take to keep trees healthy and safe.

This Spring, Philadelphia homeowners need to be on the alert for the five major warning signs that a tree’s health is in jeopardy and needs help from a professional tree service.
1.    Leaf irregularities: Late to leaf out or only some sections of the tree leaf out, Yellowing or discolored leaves and Lack of new growth or dwarf leaves.
2.    Insects: One of the biggest insect problems this year is Borers with Emerald Ash Borer leading the list. Emerald Ash Borer is 100% fatal to Ash trees. Professional treatment is the only way to protect Ash from this deadly pest.
3.    Decay: Mushrooms and shelf fungi are symptoms of decay when growing out of the root system or trunk of a tree. Another sign of decay is a cavity. If the decay is extensive, then the tree may be hazardous.
4.    Excessive deadwood: Dead branches can be a serious safety hazard to people and property. Brittle branches tend to break more easily in wind, snow and ice.

The following are the key tree service actions Philadelphia homeowners can take now to protect tree health and safety.
1.    Have your trees checked by an ISA Certified Arborist at Giroud: Have your Giroud Arborist check your trees for cracks, hidden deadwood and unsafe root conditions...they’re prime targets for storm damage and disease.
2.    Prune: Remove weak, dead or weakly attached limbs, thin crowns for improved air flow, elevate branches away from your pool, driveway and walks
3.    Install cable supports in weak limbs Trees with multiple trunks or included bark often require tree cable supports to keep from splitting apart. The hardware must fit the specific problem and be installed at the proper height and tension.
4.    Fertilize now for maximum benefit: Ensure a tree service professional uses a time release formula with Bio-stimulants to replenish the nutrients lost to the lawn and other plantings.
5.    Enhance Growing Conditions! Trees showing one or more of the warning signs listed above, the problem may be in the soil. Have an ISA Certified Arborist can test the soil, evaluate the roots and if needed develop a customized treatment program to nurture the tree back to health.

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