Global Resorts Network - This Travel Program Will Annihilate All Prior Competition

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20 year old industry leader partners with launch of "Perpetual Leverage". Global Resorts Network has aligned themselves with one of the most prestigious private membership clubs, and has combined this membership with a lucrative and powerful compensation plan called "Perpetual Leverage". Owning a lifetime membership has been compared to owning 1 million timeshares for the cost of a Disneyland vacation for 4.

It is my observation that the Perpetual Leverage pay plan this company is using to compensate their distributors is unsurpassed in the history of home business and has been demonstrated to produce very substantial Residual Income.

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Global Resorts Network claims to be first ever to combine a high end high demand Luxury Resort Lifetime Travel Membership with a powerful compensation plan they refer to as "Perpetual Leverage". Members have reported earnings of $20,000 after their first week in business.

"I have never seen a more lucrative plan in my 24 years of network marketing. This is truly a network marketer's dream come true. This value packed program with this compensation plan is going to create millionaires almost overnight." -- Charlie Golick, TX

Another veteran marketer says, "It is my observation that the Perpetual Leverage pay plan this company is using to compensate their distributors is unsurpassed in the history of home business and has been demonstrated to produce very substantial Residual Income."

To view an animated illustration of the Perpetual Leverage pay plan, including audio, visit:

Everyone wants to be part of the 7 Trillion Dollar a Year Industry, and many others in the past have been tried but have not been as successful, but Global Resorts Network's membership has been reported to be so jam packed with value and so under priced, without fees or restrictions that it will be the forerunner for all travel programs because of it's value and the flexibility of it's offerings.

These Global Resorts Network lifetime memberships are now available for up to $10,000 less than has historically been selling for the last 20 years through traditional retail outlets worldwide. With Global Resort Network's lifetime membership, you have access to more than 5,000 4 and 5 star resorts in 55 different countries. Contained in every state and every country within Global Resorts Network's registry, you will find top resorts charging (without a Global Resorts Network's membership) anywhere from $200 - $500 per night.

But with Global Resorts Network, their lifetime memberships include never paying more than $298 to $799 for an entire week. One of the membership benefits that Global Resorts Network also offers is what they have referred to as "hotweeks". Hotweeks are weeks that are always available and are always one low price of $298 for the entire week, available up to six months in advance, and include 4 and 5 star resorts, often available in peak season. To see an example of one of the resorts offered in hotweeks for $298.00 a week, go to:

This may sound like a timeshare, but with timeshares, there are huge upfront costs, and timeshares obligate you to just one location for life. With Global Resorts Network, you have total freedom and flexibility to travel anywhere and anytime worldwide! And what is shaking up the foundation of timeshare sellers is that Global Resorts Network does not have maintenance costs or annual dues. There's just one low price to join.

"You can own 1 Million timeshares for the cost of 1 Disneyland vacation with no black out days, no restrictions, and most importantly, no maintenance fees!" -- Charlie Golick, San Antonio, TX

Other comparisons have been attempted to be made with Global Resorts Network and RCI, but RCI is an exchange company for timeshares. First, you need your own timeshare to participate and if you try to trade or rent your timeshare week for a better location, it can be extremely difficult, especially in peak season. And RCI members endure ongoing costs including annual dues and exchange fees. With Global Resorts Network, it's available to everyone including non timeshare owners. At any given time Global Resorts Network members have access to hundreds of thousands of available weeks.

A seasoned timeshare seller after hearing about Global Resorts Network admitted to selling timeshares but never saw the value in purchasing one. They have just purchased a Global Resorts Network lifetime membership and plan on selling the memberships.

Global Resorts Network is building momentum fast. As a distributor, the compensation plan is lucrative and powerful. It has been stated to be a major breakthrough in compensation plans. You earn $1,000 on every qualified sale you make AND $1,000 on every qualified sale your team makes throughout the organization to Unlimited Depth and Unlimited Width.

Global Resorts Network is a network marketer's AND a luxury traveler's dream come true. It's a win/win situation for everybody - for the customer; for the distributor; for the distributor's distributor and for the company. The only ones not winning are the competition -- and the smart ones are joining Global Resorts Network too.


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