Mona Pearl on Business Sustainability Strategies for A Global Competitive Edge: Why Sustainability Leadership Is More Than Just A Responsibility?

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Corporations need to change significantly the way they do business and need to adopt new responses and business strategies to a new reality. Corporate sustainability goes beyond the concept of eco-efficiency; it also requires socio-efficiency. What are some of the strategies corporations should implement to be more sustainable themselves and more sustainable to the environment?

Mona Pearl on Global Business Sustainability Strategies

Incorporating sustainability strategies can be part of creating your competitive edge and make a difference

"Developing the future generations of socially conscious executives and professionals will influence the need for major investments into sustainable strategies for social, economic, and government participants worldwide," says Mona Pearl, Founder & COO of BeyondAStrategy.

Mona Pearl, an international expert in cost-effective and sustainable global strategies, will be presenting at the annual conference of the Association of Strategic Planning, focusing this year on: "Planning for a Sustainable Future". The conference will take place in San Diego, February 22 - 24, 2009. ASP's membership includes executives from companies including: the Boeing Corporation, IBM Business Consulting, Countrywide Financial Corporation, Toyota, PeopleSoft, San Diego Zoo, Sun Microsystems, Weyerhauser, Ask Jeeves, Hewlett-Packard, Walt Disney Company and Stanford University.

The 2009 Annual Conference in San Diego, California, will offer a unique time to come together with strategic planning colleagues. Share your best practices and strengthen your skills for the challenges and unique opportunities that lay ahead. A new business reality is in the air. One that balances the need for corporate social responsibility with profitability in an interwoven world. Association for Strategic Planning Annual Conference Breakout Sessions

Some executives consider the principal objective of business to be making money. Others recognize a broader social role. There is no consensus among business leaders as to the best balance between narrow self-interest and actions taken for the good of society. Companies continually face the need to trade off what they would 'like' to do and what they 'must' do in pursuit of financial survival. Where do you stand on these issues?

"This is our wake-up call. The opportunity to plan for today's sustainable society, corporations and environment strategies passed, and we missed that mark. Fortunately, today is the day to start planning for tomorrow's betterment of the world, socially and environmentally, and there is still time."

In her presentation, Mona will be touching on the following issues that become increasingly important in a world in crisis:

  • How do you incorporate business sustainability strategies into everyday business activities?
  • How do you embark on business opportunities arising from sustainable development?
  • What tools are best utilized for strategic planning for global sustainability?
  • What are some of the critical components of the sustainability challenge?
  • How to develop a sustainable advantage: profit vs. survival?

Mona Pearl will discuss how companies should incorporate business sustainability strategy to achieve a global competitive advantage. "Incorporating sustainability strategies can be part of creating your competitive edge and make a difference," says Mona. "Other countries in Europe and Latin America have initiated these guidelines and are seriously encouraging if not enforcing them. For the business enterprise, sustainable development means adopting business strategies and activities that meet the needs of the enterprise and its stakeholders today while protecting, sustaining and enhancing the human and natural resources that will be needed in the future."

"Sustainability is as foreign a concept to managers in capitalist societies as profits are to managers in the former Soviet Union." -- William Ruckelshaus, CEO, Browning Ferries

It is time we look at the global economy and we make sure that the world we leave the next generation is better then what we have today. Corporations have to realize they should stop building their empires on the backs of the innocent, and instead consider elevating the lives of the men and women around the world who were essential to their success; the men and women who on their backs these empires were built.

Ms. Pearl is the founder of BeyondAStrategy, Inc., a woman-owned international firm based in Chicago that develops competitive global strategies for leading multinational companies as well as mid-market firms to help them create significant and sustainable growth. Mona Pearl Bio.

Mona has started and operated 3 businesses of her own, and uses her expertise in strategic global competitiveness to extend market reach, enhance leadership and engage the stakeholders along the value chain of growing their business. From operations to organization to bottom line results, Mona has led high performance teams and found new and creative ways to make money and increase market share globally. Mona's language abilities include: English, French, German, Rumanian and Spanish. Client Experiences.

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