Go Banking Rates Examines Popular Self-Help Guru Tony Robbins’ Financial Advice to Identify How Consumers Can Think Like a Millionaire and Profit in Today’s Down Economy

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As the U.S. financial situation continues to show little improvement, consumers are desperate for ways to increase their wealth despite a down economy, unemployment and low savings interest rates. Leading personal finance site http://www.GoBankingRates.com examines how self-help guru Tony Robbins became a multimillionaire despite humble beginnings and whether every day Americans can use his advice to do the same.

Tony Robbins

Portrait of Tony Robbins

I used [Tony Robbin's] techniques to create a business from an extra room in my house, which grew to 15 employees and last year did $11.1 million in revenue. I don’t know where I’d be today if I hadn’t picked up Tony’s book...

Go Banking Rates is always on the search for tools and resources readers can use to help them save money, increase wealth, and reach financial security, even when economic conditions are unfavorable. In its latest feature, Go Banking Rates examines the financial advice of Tony Robbins, a popular self-help guru who has risen to multi-millionaire status, to determine the key component of his message that helps his followers to reach financial success.

Go Banking Rates found the core message in Robbins’ “Wealth Mastery” program is that the largest barrier people face when trying to achieve greater wealth is their own mindset – they are held back by fear and negative attitudes.

Robbins explains that it is crucial to view money as a tool, rather than a limitation, especially considering the current economic climate; Robbins argues that because the Great Depression created more millionaires than any other period of time in history, today’s depressed economy, which rivals that of the Depression, means there is an abundance of opportunity for today’s Americans to grow their own wealth tremendously.

Go Banking Rates also reached out to followers of Tony Robbins to find out if his books and seminars on the subject of building wealth deliver results.

Dave Gambrill of Gambrill Communications told Go Banking Rates that he has learned quite a bit about building wealth from Robbins over the years. One of the biggest lessons he applies to his daily life is having “an attitude of gratitude.” He explains that positive thinking in daily life allows people to focus on opportunities, rather than obstacles, “When you focus on gratitude and what’s possible, you are much more likely to see things in your environment that will help you reach new levels. When you focus on the negative, guess what you see?”

Ian Ippolito also reached out to Go Banking Rates and explained that he picked up Robbin’s book Ultimate Power: The New Science Of Personal Achievement in college, which taught him how to set goals and develop mental discipline. “I used those techniques to create a business from an extra room in my house, which grew to 15 employees and last year did $11.1 million in revenue. I don’t know where I’d be today if I hadn’t picked up Tony’s book back in college and am extremely grateful.”

Despite his criticisms and unconventional messaging, Tony Robbins appears to have pinpointed the mindset of a millionaire.

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