New Web Site Introduces Memorys for LGBT Event Planners and Organizers

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Memorys by Brings 21st Century Technology the Age Old Event Planning Process. Increase event Attendance and Revenues With this Unique, One of a Kind Technology. Home Page

Memorys are essentially very similar to groups found on other sites, however, they exist strictly for a particular event. A Memory is a powerful resource to event planners and equally fun for attendees.

As the decades roll on and the world becomes smaller by the day, the freedom to create and organize a specialized LGBT event is more prevalent than ever before. As Individual gay travel is slowly morphing into the mainstream on sites like Orbits and Travelocity, the resources to create an LGBT organized group or event are on the rise as well.

With social networking sites on fire with gay groups, I got to thinking about what they all have in common and consequently, what is still missing. I stopped by a few of the more popular sites to see how many groups are set up. LinkedIn offers up over 500 groups for the LGBT Community, Facebook offers up the same. There is a plethora of “hook-up” and “relationship” sites, Android and Iphone apps that let you know the person next to you in a crowded bar is likely “relationship” material. Weeding my way through the deluge of sites that “connect”, it became clear to me that this connection that we all seek seems to be more accessible than ever before in history.

For LGBT Planners, sorting through these communication tools, creating groups, monitoring alerts, random text messages and keeping relevant is a new full time position that begs to be balanced. Many create groups on multiple sites and friends or followers wait patiently for something of mutual interest to be posted to the group. So does social networking increase the actual business that provides a living? I believe so, however, you really do need a marketing thought process to be successful in my opinion.

A recent search brought me to a page for, and a quick race around the site reveals a unique direction. I sent off a request for a casual phone interview. My message was returned quickly by Jimmy Legg, and Adrian Keith, Co Founders of

My most pressing question is first, “What have you created, its seems so familiar, yet completely unique?” “We have Memorys, a fun, free and powerful GBT Social Networking (SN) platform that utilizes crowd sourcing to fuel Memorys of LGBT events.” “The Social Networking aspect of the site is a by-product of the essential purpose.” states Legg.

I hear the magic words, Social Networking, and immediately make the assumption that this is another way to meet people, it’s a statement we have all become familiar with over the past few years. Jimmy is quick to elaborate, “The sites main purpose is yet to be revealed, however, we can reveal that we are pursuing the ultimate LGBT resource that focuses on LGBT needs and desires, each phase is going to be delivered in a pre-conceived order.”

So is this a travel resource or a social networking platform? I did some digging around on the site and found the FAQ's Page and About Us Page it would seem that the current phase is something called Memorys. I noted the spelling and inquired with Adrian Keith. “Memorys are essentially very similar to groups found on other sites, however, they exist strictly for a particular event. A Memory is a powerful resource to event planners and equally fun for attendees.” So it is a SN for travel, I Inquire? “Not so much, social networking, in my opinion, is a function and identity in its infancy, that I believe is just a function of communication among like minded individuals. It is emerging on all platforms, even outside of the well known SN names, social networking is quickly evolving, but the foundations of its evolution remains the same, connecting people for a purpose.” Legg remarks.

“Why Memorys?” I inquire. Jimmy Legg is first to respond, “ Memorys, spelled correctly for our platform, are just as they seem, a place to store your Memories of an event, occasion or moment in time. They are fueled by crowd sourcing, which essentially means up to a million members of a specific event can add their individual memories to create one vast Memory of the event. It is the most comprehensive coverage of an event ever possible in history.” “Individuals and groups alike can create and collect years of Memorys” Legg cautiously states. It would seem there is more to the grand plan that is just not ready for public consumption.

This site would seem to have a very interesting future that I will be keeping up with. Weather it is that captures Memorys (or is it Memories) or all of the other instant access resources, LGBT travel, events and history in general is evolving. It is exciting to see and the pace at which it is moving, is not something I would have thought I would have experienced in my lifetime.

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