Ecominders: A Concerned Mom Makes Going Green Easy

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Ecominders® are easy-to-use, removable & reusable stickers that help to remember the little things that can be done each day to cut down on waste, energy and water consumption - effortless actions that can help everyone live a cleaner, greener and less impactful life. Ecominders were created by a new mom who was motivated to improve environmental consciousness in an easy & accessible manner. They serve as reminders to incorporate green thinking into daily routine and as the method of educating on how to collectively reduce impact on the planet while encouraging proper recycling and greener practices.

Ecominders subscribes to these practices not only as another way of educating, but also as an opportunity to set an example for other small business start-ups.

Now there is no longer an excuse for not being green in homes, at offices and schools - Ecominders® ( make it easy for everyone to stick to saving the planet.

Ecominders® were created by a Chicago mom, Allison Shaewitz, who was concerned that not enough was being done to protect the planet for our future generations. She felt that many people view "going green" as life-altering, inconvenient and expensive. Ecominders were conceived as a method of reminding people to think green on a daily basis around their homes, offices and schools without having to spend money or adjust their routine. She wanted to get everyone - no matter what age - involved in making an effort to curb our water consumption, carbon emissions and waste.

Shaewitz contends that, "If children are being taught how to be more eco-mindful at schools, they can bring it home and encourage parents and grandparents to make more eco-friendly choices and changes. If offices make small efforts to educate their employees and take steps to cut down on energy use by powering down during off-hours, not only will money and energy be saved, but carbon emissions can be drastically lowered." The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that more than $1 billion each year is wasted on electricity for computer monitors that are left running when not in use.

In today's fragile economy, every little bit counts towards saving money, which greener practices and greater awareness can provide. Ecominders® were created as a simple means of driving a compelling and powerful message - that effortless actions and small changes really could add up to big savings, both for the planet and wallet. For example, unplugging the coffee maker, cell phone charger and other electronics when not in use can save 2,000 lbs. of carbon emissions and $260 a year. For a complete list of all environmental & money saving measures that can be achieved through the use of Ecominders (and their sources), visit

Businesses today are recognizing the need to be more socially responsible than ever before by choosing to adopt green practices such as energy efficient methods, the use of non-toxic, compostable, recyclable & post-consumer products and offsetting their impact by investing in renewable energy which can help power us smart into the future. "Ecominders subscribes to these practices not only as another way of educating, but also as an opportunity to set an example for other small business start-ups." All Ecominders are printed green using eco-safe inks, paper and pressroom chemistry by a leader in sustainable printing. The impact of running this small business is offset by Renewable Choice Energy which supports wind farm growth and reduces dependence on fossil fuels. Additionally, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of Ecominders goes to 1% for the Planet, benefiting numerous environmental efforts around the world.

Ecominders are available in two product lines - Home & Office and Kids & Schools. For more information contact 847.380.4111, e-mail info (at) ecominders (dot) com or visit the website.


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