'Invest in Gold Now!' Advises Kevin DeMeritt of Lear Financial as Gold Prices Soar to $654.50 While the Dollar Keeps Sliding

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Escalating violence in Iraq and the potential of conflict with Iran are the major factors fueling this latest rise in gold prices.

Gold prices are rising because of the weak dollar

Top gold investment advisor Kevin DeMeritt of Lear Financial, the parent company of Gold Central, one of the top gold coin companies in the U.S., announces major factors fueling the latest rise in gold prices, equating violence in Iraq and potential problems with Iran as urgent reasons to invest in gold now.

"The strongest reason to own gold coins now is the fact that the United States has three aircraft carriers with task forces parked opposite Iranian shores," said DeMeritt.

"This unusually high concentration of United States warships in the Persian Gulf is viewed as a warning to Iran's growing nuclear threat to the stability in the Middle East," continued DeMeritt. "Given Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's recent declaration of now being a nuclear power, and with China and Russia both staunchly opposed to any type of punitive action to be taken against Iran, it appears current gold prices will continue to rise."

In addition to this escalation of tensions in the Middle East, the dollar is weak and getting weaker due to national economic policies and the over one trillion dollars of U.S. debt owned by foreigners which could be repatriated under certain conditions, which could cause a major decline in the value of the dollar and a soaring demand for American gold coins.

"Gold prices are rising because of the weak dollar," said DeMeritt. "It seems difficult for the Fed to raise interest rates as most of the economic indexes released in the U.S. have been negative."

With the recent devaluation of many international currencies, the U.S. dollar was the international safe haven of last resort. There are signs of this ending due to many financial factors, the most important one being a falling dollar and the demand for American gold coins.

As for prices, they could be anywhere between $800 and $900 at the end of 2007, and could even reach $1,400 an ounce by the end of 2010.

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